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55 timeless conversion rate

Optimization Stats


of companies and agencies

that use landing pages test them



Conversion rate optimization is the holy grail of online business. An increase in your sales conversion rate from 1% to 2% has essentially doubled your revenue. No small feat.

In a world that’s moving fast and technology that’s moving faster, it’s easy to chase the wrong things when it comes to conversion rate optimization. Changing your button from red to blue may increase conversion rates in the short term. It’s a shortsighted strategy.

Conversion rate optimization begins with a hypothesis and works its way around to the end goal. That process is the subject for another guide.

In this post, we’ll outline 55 conversion rate optimization statistics. They’ll help you understand what moves the needle and what doesn’t. In essence, you won’t spend countless hours working on the perfect button color for the call to action on your homepage (hint, it doesn’t matter, it just needs to contrast with the background).

Let’s dive into the 55 conversion rate optimization statistics you need to know to create a better user experience and make more money at the same time.



to increase conversions

The other 48% of the world seems to believe their page is as good as it gets. That’s rarely the case. Champion radical testing.

Using videos

can increase conversion by

on landing pages



The video revolution is here! With cheaper data and faster internet speeds more and more people are willing to watch video. It’s up to you to craft useful content.

The testing of

multiple landing pages

So most people don’t do it. Establish a system that allows you to test your pages one by one. Then do it again. Testing never stops.


of marketers

cite a conversion rate

of less than 0.5%


So the crazy stats you see floating around the internet are just that. Most of the world doesn’t have double digit conversion rates. You’ll see the average a bit later.

of conversion rate

optimization programs

increase sales

[SOURCE: Marketing Sherpa]

¾ of what you do with conversion rate optimization will lead to more revenue.

It’s the 80/20 rule in action. Analyze which programs are bringing in higher revenue and do more of that.

is considered an



advanced & difficult




read online reviews

before making a purchase

People look to other people to inform their decisions. If possible, showcase positive reviews on the pages where a conversion decision is made.

61% of consumers


of marketers

build a new landing page

for each

marketing campaign


The other 52% reuse landing pages. This is a problem because the language and copy is geared towards a specific campaign. There will be a message mismatch and the user – more often than not -  will bounce.

Of B2B Companies that use landing pages,

have 6 or fewer

total landing pages

The more pages you have, the more opportunities there are for a conversion action. The next conversion rate optimization stat will shed light on the relationship between the number of pages and number of absolute conversions.



Companies see a



in leads

when increasing their number of landing pages from 10 to 15

You increase your leads by over half when you add only five landing pages. What about when you add twenty or thirty more pages? You guessed it, your leads and absolute conversion rate continues to rise.


Conversion rates typically

range from1-3%

These numbers are hotly debated. The main thing to keep in mind is that if your conversion rates are in the double digits then you’re a rockstar.


happen after

7 or more contacts.

81% of sales


You have to keep following up or getting them back to your website. The conversion rate number is for first time visits. Skyrocket it by investing in assets that draw people back to your website.

we stop after

1 or 2 contacts

85% of the time


When you look at the stat before this one, it becomes clear where the problem lies. We’re not trying hard enough. Sure, some people won’t give you an opportunity for more contact. Most will. Focus on the people you can influence over time.

The average email opt-in rate is

This number takes into account all assets that lead to an email subscription. That includes landing pages, opt-in form inside content, sidebar forms, etc. Certain categories have significantly higher landing email opt-in rates EG squeeze pages.




of small businesses

don’t have a documented or structured CRO strategy


If you don’t know where you’re going then anything will get you there. Without a documented strategy how will you continue to make gains when someone leaves the team? How will you continue to improve when you don’t know what you did in the first place?

On average, across all industries,

user generated content increased conversion rates by

Social proof is a game changer. When people see others interacting with you and your brand, they want to join in on it. Encourage people to post images or content on social media while using your products and services.



Businesses with

over 40 landing pages

generated 12 times

more leads than those

with 1-5 landing pages


Hate to say we told you so – but…. Simple truth, you need more landing pages. You can never have enough.


of marketers

say knowing how to test effectively is somewhat or very challenging


This rolls back around to not having a documented strategy. When you put it on paper, you’ll know what’s working, what’s not, and how you arrived at that conclusion.

Mobile online shoppers convert at about


Mobile shoppers are the worst when it comes to buying something. That doesn’t mean you can skip out on the mobile experience. It’s likely because it’s harder to type and interact with certain pages when you’re on mobile.


Tablet online shoppers convert at about

The screen is larger and people can see and read more easily.



The lowest sales

conversion rate by industry is


People like to get their sporting goods instantly. It doesn’t make much sense to wait three days to get a pair of gloves when you can walk into any store and do that. It’s a commodity. Never allow yourself to be perceived as a commodity. If you are, it’s a race to the bottom.

at 2.35%


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The majority of

conversion rate


have less than

3 years’ experience


It’s a relatively new field. It’s growing rapidly. Take it seriously today and you’ll be amongst the top within a few years.

On average,

companies are spending


on conversion rate optimization tools


This lets you know conversion rate optimization is important and here to stay. Invest in it now and reap the rewards.

The highest sales

conversion rate by industry is

food & beverage

This one, at first glance, also seems like a commodity. We’re thinking food and beverages have such a high conversion rate because of variety. You can see something online that you’ll never see in your department store.


at 4.95%

For every $92 spent acquiring customers

only $1 is spent converting them


There’s a large gap in the amount we spend for traffic and the amount we spend making them customers. If you spent an extra dollar on conversions then you’ve effectively doubled your spend. If it increases your revenue by fifty percent then you’ll be able to reduce traffic spend by a much larger amount. You can reinvest that into conversion rate optimization and repeat the cycle all over again.

Testing is king. Without a commitment to testing all of your pages, then testing them again, you’re leaving money on the table.

Companies who’ve been able to improve

their conversion rates perform,

on average,

50% more tests


Personalized CTA's CONVERT

42% more visitors

than unpersonalized CTA's


Personalization is the next frontier. Facebook, Instagram, news sites, and everyone in between are doing it. Why aren’t you? You don’t need their name. There are many ways to personalize a message an example could be to mention their referral source.

Long form landing pages

can generate up to

220% more leads

than short form pages

with an above the fold call-to-action


Short form landing pages are ideal in certain situations. When it comes to converting visitors to warm leads, long form pages work better.


Everyone is doing it. How do you set yourself apart? By not testing buttons and instead testing aspects that truly move the needle. Think about your value proposition, your product positions, and everything in between. Big picture testing will get you more profound results than changing the CTA button.

70% of marketers

who use conversion rate optimization

look to the results of their tests to inform other marketing decisions


Conversion rate optimization doesn’t live in a bubble. Take the learning from the tests and apply it to other areas of your marketing.

The average website has

a conversion rate of


The top performing websites have conversion rates of anywhere to 3-5 times the average


The gap between the best and the worst isn’t large. At most, the best websites convert at about 11%. You can get there with a structured conversion optimization regimen.

A/B testing

is the most used method of conversion rate optimization

Anchor text CTAs

can increase conversion rates by up to




Buttons work but it seems a well worded text link is more effective. A lot more effective. Change some of your button CTA to text CTA with the same wording and see what happens.

can reduce conversions by up to


A 1 second delay

in your site speed


People like speed. They don’t have the time or attention to spend on a slow website. Optimize your most prized possession for speed then do it again.

44% of clicks to a B2B link

 direct to the homepage

as opposed to a dedicated landing page


This is a huge mistake. It goes back to the issue of message match. If they click on an ad from Facebook that tells them about a specific offer, they don’t want to land on your homepage and search for the offer. They want to be taken straight to it. If they can’t find it or feel they’re in the wrong place they’ll bounce.

When you have the correct targeting

& testing methods in place,

you can increase

conversions by up to



Create buyer personas and develop messaging that appeals to them. You don’t need the whole world. You just need the people interested in what you’re selling.

Reducing form fields

from 4 to 11 on your pages

can result in an increase

in conversions up to



You don’t need to ask for everything up front. It produces friction. Scrutinize every form field and ask yourself if it really belongs there. Is it information you can get later?

But the optimal number

of form fields is



Drill that into your head. No more than three form fields. If you absolutely need more then put the additional fields on another page.

3-4 of a company’s personas

account for 90% of a company’s revenue


Figure out who’s spending money with you. Get more people like them. I wish it were rocket science. It’s not.

Businesses that use

marketing automation

to nurture prospects experience

a 451% increase

in qualified leads

[ SOURCE: Annuitas Group ]

You spend less time on repetitive activities and have higher results. There’s nothing like it. Marketing automation can be complicated, but there are a lot of great resources on the web. You don’t have to learn everything. Learn what’s applicable to you and our business.

Nurtured leads

make 47% larger purchases than

leads that aren’t nurtured

[ SOURCE: Annuitas Group ]

Take the time to introduce your leads to your business and the value you offer before you shove a buy now button in their face. They’ll spend more money with you.

You can increase conversion

rates on landing pages by up to

by removing navigation



It removes the options the user has. When they don’t have so many options, they’re not as distracted. Without distraction, they’ll focus on the message right in front of them.

Emails with a single

call-to-action increased

clicks 371%

sales 1617%


Those stats are mind blowing. Every time you send an email, focus on a single goal and a single way for your reader to arrive at that goal.

Conversion rate optimization tools

(Like KyLeads)

have an average ROI of



These tools will never been an expense, they’re an asset. Invest in them.

start their buying journey

using a mobile phone



Even though people don’t buy on phones, they do research on them. When they find something they like, they’ll switch over to another device to buy it.


The average conversion rate for a B2B landing page is



See what we were talking about when we said the low stats include all conversion assets. When you strip them away, you get a clearer picture. This is the average; yours should be a few times higher. Aim for at least 20-25% conversion rate on your landing pages.

The average conversion rate for a B2C landing page is



Again, this is the average, aim for at least 10% higher. It’s interesting to note that consumers convert less than businesses. Traditionally, business sales have a longer life cycle than consumer sales.

Multipage forms

have average completion rates of



This goes back to the optimal number of form fields. If it’s over three then move the other fields to a second page. You’ll give your completion rate a powerful boost.

Single page forms

have average completion rates of



The conversion rate on pages where you ask for all the information up front is much lower. This could be due to a number of factors. Chief of which is asking for too much information.

who see contests will complete the form

On average,

34% of people


They have a high conversion rate. They also tend to be lower quality. That’s because you tend to attract freebie seekers. On a side note, iPads and iPhones are horrible gifts to give your contestants.


have the highest conversion rates of all customer

acquisition channels at



Build referral marketing into your platform. Allow users to earn credits or coupons every time they successfully refer a friend. You may want to implement a minimum purchase limit or quota before they unlock their rewards

Every desktop visit



 every smartphone visit


Though this may be the case, research starts on phones. Don’t neglect to optimize both desktop and mobile.

B2C companies that use marketing automation

have seen conversion rates

as high as 50%


Automation has a lot of great things going for it. Jump on the train, it’s going to move faster and faster over the next few years.

Personalized email messages

increase conversions

by an average of

This is where you can flex your personalization messages. Incorporate their preferences such as shopping, content consumption, and personal information to create a unique experience.

Companies that excel at

lead nurturing generate

50% more sales leads

at 33% less cost


When you take the time to hold your customers hand, good things happen.

96% of marketers

say segmentation is the

most powerful method

for improving conversion rates


Break your contacts down into buckets relevant to your company. That could be along demographic, purchase, on interest lines. It doesn’t matter which. It’s more important to segment and test the reactions and improve from there.



can increase sign ups by up to

A feature box



Conversion rate optimization is an evolving discipline. It’s built on consumer psychology, market research, and aligning with expectations. Sometimes, you’ll miss the mark. Sometimes, you’ll land a bullseye. No matter your individual results now, know that you’ll get better and better at it as time goes on. The only prerequisite is that you continue to learn and stay abreast of the latest trends and best practices.


Use these conversion rate optimization statistics to guide your strategy this year and beyond.





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