Are Your Current Lead Generation Efforts Leaving A Lot To Be Desired?      

Try KyLeads – the simple way to create opt-in forms and quizzes to turn up to 50% of website visitors into leads. Then customers.    

Does this sound familiar?

             -          You read articles on the web touting conversion rates over 20% but you seem to be stuck in single digits


-          You’ve tried Facebook ads but can’t turn a profit because clicks aren’t turning to conversions. 


  -          You can’t get meaningful insights about who YOUR audience is.


-          Your current tools do too much, leaving you lost, or don’t do enough, leaving you frustrated.


That’s why we’re working on a new tool for you     

Opt-in Forms That Work 

-          Choose from half a dozen different types of opt-ins like floating bar, full screen takeover, light box, slide in, and mobile only opt-ins


-          Targeting options that give you full control of who sees the opt-in and when so you can create a better experience


-          A/B test variations so you consistently drive up your conversions  

Quizzes That Convert

-          Create personality quizzes that speak to your audience (and reveal exactly who they are)


-          Use a lead capture form at the perfect time to get conversion rates as high as 50%


-          A/B test the most important aspects of your quiz until it’s a lean mean conversion generating machine


And of course, we integrate with your favorite tools

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Yea, yea. Lead capture software is a dime a dozen. They have the one thousand and one features which they can’t shut up about. Yes, you need the tools, but a tool is limited by your ability to use them. So, if you’re looking for a list of features, you’re in the wrong place. 


What we do here is help digital entrepreneurs  build and grow real online businesses. The type you can be proud of. We have the tools and features you want. More than that, we help you crush it in every aspect of your business.   

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