Beautiful Quizzes. Insane Conversions.

Learn about the step-by-step process to create quizzes that go viral and are taken and shared by millions of people. 

KyLeads on Quizzes cover

What's in the Guide?

  • The must-have elements of a viral quiz
  • How to come up with the perfect quiz topics for your audience so they'll engage and share it.
  • Simple yet effective strategies to promote your quizzes so they reach the right people.
  •  Actionable insights that'll allow you to create quizzes that are shared all over the interwebs
  • So much more...


KyLeads is an interactive lead generation and customer research platform that allows marketers and entrepreneurs create quizzes, popups, and surveys to accelerate their marketing efforst. 

 Our tools help companies generate new leads, increase their social footprint, understand their audience, and engage their customers. Join the companies who routinely get double digit conversion rates while building an engaged customer base. 

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