A simple psychological principle generates hundreds of thousands of dollars, tens of thousands of email subscribers, and countless social shares.

Finally – turn 30%+ of your website visitors into email subscribers – then customers.

Build lead capture quizzes that crush industry average conversion rates with our proprietary N.A.P. based quiz technology

You may have already experienced the N.A.P. Framework.

In 2013, an intern at the New York Times created the most popular piece of content on the website.

It was a quiz that helped people identify where their language patterns most likely originated.

Quiz example as an alternative to buying an email list

It was posted on December 21 and by December 31, it became the most popular piece of content on the website.

According to Similarweb, The New York Times is visited by over 250 million people every month.

For a piece of content to take the crown as the most popular for the entire year in a matter of 10 days is unheard of.

You can say the quiz got explosive results like that because the New York Times is so popular and was able to promote it to a large audience.

Or that they have a group of writers that think up ideas all day every day.

Those are valid points.

What about the biker apparel company – GothRider – that was able to generate 70,000 new email subscribers at $0.04 per subscriber using a quiz?



Facebook clicks cost more than $0.04 and a new subscriber should be considerably more expensive than that.

At least a dollar – right?

When you have what people want, your ad costs sink to the bare minimum, your reach increases, and everyone is happy.

There’s something both of these companies have in common that led to their success.

It has nothing to do with their traffic levels or their skill with using paid advertising.

It has everything to do with human psychology.

 Dr. Robert Simmermon, a psychologist in Atlanta Ga, specializes in media psychology and says personality quizzes tap into the principle of narrative psychology.

“[in reference to quizzes] It goes into our own ongoing developing narrative and gives it some credence of ourselves as heroes of our own story.”

It reinforces a sense of ourselves whether it has any legitimacy or not.

As human beings, we all develop a sense of who we are and who we’re not.

These are deeply held belief that affect how we interact with the world. 

It starts during childhood and continues on through adulthood.

This isn't something that a single quiz on the internet can shake. 

Because of the confirmation bias, we seek out information that’s congruent with our own deeply held beliefs about ourselves and tend to ignore infromation we don't agree with.

Quizzes tap into narrative psychology and the confirmation bias to advance the internal narrative your prospect is already having.

That’s why you’ll never see a quiz asking “are you more like Hitler or Saddam Hussein?” No one actually wants to be evil. 

No ones internal narrative tells them they're a bad person. 

High performing quizzes lend a sense of authenticity to your brand and messages which goes on to make it easier to sell to your prospects.

Pound for pound, the conversion rates are much higher than those of other techniques.

  • 15x higher than popups
  • 5x higher than landing pages
  • 10x higher than banner ads

When we realized how powerful quizzes could be for lead generation, we set out to make a few for our projects.

They failed horribly

At first, we had no idea why they missed the mark so completely.

It’s not because quizzes only work in specific niches. We’ve seen them crush it in everything from marketing to fashion.

Instead of throwing in the towel and deciding quizzes just weren’t for us, we started a journey to reverse engineer the most popular quizzes on the internet and figure out what they were doing right.

Over the course of the next year, we analyzed dozens of high performing quizzes. After controlling for things like traffic, brand authority, and specific niche, patterns started to emerge.

The best quizzes all do the same things.

What they get right is the core of the Narrative Authenticity Principle Framework - N.A.P.

N.A.P., in its simplest form, is the specific psychological triggers which help people advance the narrative in their heads.

When we realized what others were doing and how they were using the N.A.P. Framework either accidentally or intentionally, we had two choices:

  • Keep the insights for ourselves and crush it in every niche imaginable
  • Share the principles with the world

We chose the second option because, frankly, the pot is big enough for everyone.

Once we settled on that, we made a second choice, it wouldn’t be a course. That’s for a simple reason:

Courses have a notoriously low completion rate.

It should be dead simple for you to get the results of the most effective quizzes in the world without having to learn tons of new principles.

KyLeads was built from the ground up to incorporate the  N.A.P.  Framework into the quiz creation process. You don’t have to do anything but create a quiz that appeals to your target audience.

The other psychological principles, sequences, and share triggers are already built into the fabric of KyLeads. The quiz creation flow is designed to draw out the right reactions and everything from the design elements to the outcome page and the start page support the final goal of advancing the narrative in your prospects head.

Image of interactive quiz questions

They may not be noticeable to the untrained eye and they're definitely invisible to your quiz takers but you'll notice the effects at work when you start converting an obscene number of your viewers to subscribers. 

The same principles that allowed the New York Times to create the most popular content piece of the year on December 21 are baked into our software.

The same principles that helped Buzzfeed grow to a $160,000,000 publishing through quizzes are baked into KyLeads.

We're not saying you'll build a multi-million dollar publishing empire but we are saying you'll be able to crush the average industry conversion rates and build your mailing list much faster. 

With that mailing list, you'll get all the benefits of workinging online that most can only dream of:

  • Traffic on demand
  • Responsive mailing list
  • A constantly growing list of real buyers
  • recognition in your niche
  • The ability to grow your business 2x as fast
  • Much much more

In addition to being proprietary N.A.P. based quiz technology, KyLeads comes with all the things you’d expect from lead generation software:

  • Split testing so you can find the perfect quiz topic
  • Fully customizable design to match your brand
  • Redirection to custom pages to present the perfect outcome
  • Detailed reporting to give you insights about what your people want and need
  • Lead segmentation so you can follow up with the right messages through your email sequences
  • A custom start page to entice visitors to start your quiz
  • Embed it on any page on any website for maximum exposure
  • Customize the lead capture form so it's perfectly optimized to capture new subscribers
  • Unlimited views and leads because you shouldn’t be penalized for your success

Whenever you have techniques or technology built on human psychology, the results are different.

They’re explosive.

Apple used the principles of design in a way that appealed to its users and transformed itself from a commodity to a luxury and became a trillion dollar company in the process.

Amazon exploited our tendency to gravitate towards convenience and is now worth just under a trillion dollars.

Psychological principles, when applied properly to business and technology, make it possible to achieve results no one thought was possible.

It’s rare to find technology that has these principles baked into it in a way that doesn’t require extra effort on your part.

KyLeads has found the balance between simplicity and complex human psychology. All you have to do is create your quiz – the rest is taken care of for you.

The beautiful part is that it's pretty quick to create a powerful quiz. 

How long does it take to write a 40 page Ebook? 

The writing takes a few hours, the editing takes another few hours, and the design takes a few days. 

A quiz can be crafted in one sitting and ready to go before you finish your morning. 

What kind of difference can a massive mailing list and 30% conversion rates make in your business?

Launching an online course

Selling to a huge group of people who know you or your brand and trust you makes all the difference in the world. A 6-figure launch can be right around the corner.

Need better clients

Say goodbye to the kind of clients who underpay and complain about almost everything. Attract the right ones and prequalify hot leads before you ever get on the phone to talk details.

Create profitable paid traffic campaigns

Paid traffic is a beast that few can contain. If you miss your numbers by even a small margin, you start losing money. Now, since your conversion rates are so much higher than industry standards, you’ll be able to launch profitable campaigns like clockwork.

More eyeballs on your content

Random people on the internet don’t share content very much. You know who does? Your mailing list. They’re the first ones to share, comment, and link to you which creates a virtuous cycle.

Improve your email funnels

Email works but only when you know who you’re talking to and what they want. Segmentation is at the core of quizzes and allows you to create targeted messages at scale to convert more people into customers.

We want to help you so you can double, triple, or quadruple your conversion rates and the size of your mailing list.

You’re already working harder than most people to grow a business you’re proud of. It’s energy that may be applied in the wrong direction right now. Our N.A.P. based quiz technology - KyLeads - is the fuel that’ll turn that hard work into results you can see and measure.

In the end, it's not about what we've put into the technology - it's about whether or not it'll help you reach your Big Hairy Ass Goal. 

If that sounds like something you’re interested in then you’re invited to join us and take your business to the next level….


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What’s the best way to turn them into customers or to make sure they continue to open your messages until you’re ready to launch or pitch a product?

Whether or not this is your first rodeo, writing high converting emails can be a challenge.

We share the exact emails that have been generating close to a 10% sales conversion rate. It’s a total of 9 emails in a single sequence that have been proven to convert subscribers to customers.

In addition to the emails, we included detailed commentary telling you what’s happening in each email and why it’s working so well.

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You may be new to creating high converting quizzes.

We’re not.

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We'll do you one better. 

We'll give you a 7x guarantee.

If you use the software to create a quiz and aren't happy with the conversion rates and extra revenue then we'll refund you 7x your money. 


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