Engage your audience, generate leads, and produce instant revenue

KyLeads is lead generation software built for digital entrepreneurs. Create quizzes and popups to generate leads, segment users, and present the perfect offer to turn them into customers. 

Growing a business can be complicated and difficult. Your lead generation software shouldn't be. 

There are one million and one things to do when you're groing your affiliate empire, software service, blog, or consulting practice. 

In order to get a website online, you need at least four different services (we counted). To make it look pretty, you need about four more. 

You've not even gotten into the parts that are responsible for generating revenue: 

  • Leads (email subscribers
  • Email marketing 

KyLeads combines multiple tools into one so you're able to generate, segment, and convert leads in multiple ways without having to switch between half a dozen tools. 

The end result is all your important data is in the same place, you can quickly launch new campaigns, and your mailing list grows faster - as well as your revenue. 

Fewer tools. Better results. 

There's a new "awesome tool" popping up every day which means there's too much choice and not enough time. KyLeads combines everything you need for lead generation so you can focus on growing your audience and income. 



Lead segmentation 

Multiple display types

Custom start page

Advanced targeting rules 

Custom lead capture 

Dozens of templates

Redirect on submission

Split testing engine

And so much more...

Engage the right visitors with the perfect messages

Everyone who visits your website wants something slightly different. Now, you can give it to them. Create a quiz that asks the right questions and then use their answers to present the perfect next steps for their specific situation. 

Show personalized offers and generate instant revenue

The problem with most businesses is that they're giving people what they want to sell - not what the customer wants to buy. Use KyLeads to ask the right questions, understand what people want to buy, then give it to them. Instant revenue? Check.

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Grow your lead conversion rate

You may get a great lead conversion rate on the first try but most people don't. Use our simple A/B testing engine to test multiple variants of your quizzes and popups until you find the one that works best for your audience. 

Segment subscribers, send better nurturing sequences, and grow your sales

Email marketing is still the most effective way to grow your income online. KyLeads gives you the ability to segment your subscribers so you can send them email they actually care about. Build goodwill and get responses to every product or offer you present. 

1000's of integrations with your favorite tools

Whether you're using MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Leadpages, or some obscure tool, we've probably got a direct integration with it. If not, we can get you connected through Zapier. Send your data wherever you need it to go. 

Clear pricing that helps you scale

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Surveys for actionable audience feedback

Exit popups, multiple trigger options, dozens of templates

Quizzes to increase engagement and segment leads

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Billed Annually

Billed Annually

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Available on all plans

Popups ‚Äč

Full-screen popups

Popup exit cookie duration

Segment leads

Deep integrations with CRMs and email services

Mobile optimized popups

Multiple popup targeting options (page level, UTM targeting, referral detection, and more)

Multiple trigger options ( scroll percentage, timed)

Multiple quiz types (scored, outcome, opinion poll)

Detailed reports (conversions, drop offs, views, and more)

Full template library

Split test popups

2 - step opt-ins



Unlimited quizzes

Split test quizzes

Mobile optimized quizzes

Custom thank you pages quizzes, and surveys

Redirect on submission

Present tailored offers 

Fully customizable

Image based answers

Deep segmentation with CRMs and email marketing services

KyLeads Pays for itself

Fewer tools. Better results. Faster business growth. 

Thousands of leads generated by customers in over 20 countries. 

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