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How KyLeads Is Different

We have a confession. 

We're not here to just help you get more leads. 

We're not here to just help you grow your mailing list. 

We're not here to just help you optimize your conversions. 

To bucket us and our software into such simplistic terms like that would be a disservice to everything we're building and doing. 

Our goals go way beyond that. 

We're here to give you tools, education, and guidance to build a lasting business. 

No. Not a business. 

Our goal is to help you build the lifestyle you've dreamed of and deserve. 

Beyond software or solutions, we understand that growing a business entails many things. 

  • Customer research
  • Price testing
  • Market research
  • Customer success
  • Business development
  • Partnerships
  • etc.

A software solution can't do all of that for you.

A partnership can.

That's why we look out our users as more than customers and our role as more than a vendor.

We're partners on this journey and we're with you as long as long as you need us.

When searching for a tool to meet your immediate needs, it's easy to compare them on a feature by feature basis.

This is useful for initial discovery and, in some cases, when making a pressing decision. It's detrimental when looking for a partner because there are many intangibles at play. 

Apart from our commitment to grow with you, KyLeads is different in many other ways. 

  • KyLeads is a platform to increase your business’ conversions

Other products in our space are tools. They do one thing very well. There’s nothing wrong with that in itself. The problem is that you need more than one tool to run your business.

Though we started with Quizzes and Opt-in forms, we’re moving into many things and will alway remain on the cutting edge of our core competency. 

Yes, it’s ambitions but with your support, we can make it happen (if you sign up now, you’ll have access to everything at the lowest price it’ll ever be).

There are tons of things on the roadmap and we’re open to feedback from each and every one of our customers. The end result is a platform where you can choose the solutions you need and upgrade as your business grows and other things become more important to you.

In essence, we don’t do one thing very well – we do many things very well.

  • Segmentation as a way of life

We’re keen on personalization and segmentation. The results speak for themselves. The first step we’ve taken towards that goal is the ability to segment your quiz leads at the point of lead capture.

Going forward, you’ll be able to send question/answer data directly to your CRM or email service provider. We’re also creating pathways for you to use that information within the different tools of our platform.

The future is bright.

  • Built by a team that gets it

We didn’t wake up one morning, say there’s money to be made, and start building a product.

It was born from a pain our founder felt while building his own online businesses. He was inundated with too many tools that only did slightly different things.

That’s when the original iteration for KyLeads was born.

We get it. It’s not fun (or easy) to jump around to different tools to achieve one aim.

Over the course of the next few months and hopefully years, we’re rapidly developing solutions built for the SMB space.

  • We’re really and truly for the small business

A lot of products start off in the SMB space then march upmarket when they realize churn is a problem or their investors tell them there’s money to be made.

First, we don’t have investors at this point and small business is cooked into our DNA. We come from small business backgrounds and those are the problems we hope to solve.

We’re here to level the playing field.

Every feature, product, and initiative we launch is geared at helping you make the most of a limited budget.

That includes free and paid products.

In the end

Our software may be similar to other providers but nothing else is.

We don’t think like them, serve our customers like them, or have the same vision as them.

It’s the early days and our product may seem a bit similar to other players.

We plan on changing that sooner rather than later.

Stick with us as we build a truly unique platform to help you skyrocket your conversion rate. More importantly, we're partnering with you to help you build your busines. 

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