Let’s start with why.

Normally, we’d tell you we want to change the world with our software or how we’ve consumed a few hundred cups of coffee or that the vision for KyLeads was something our founder nursed for years before he could make it all a reality.

While that makes for a better sounding “why”, we’re not nearly altruistic enough. We know our conversion software isn’t going to change the world. It may empower the company that will.

We’re not here for the thousand employee corporation.

We don’t bat an eye when an enterprise customer comes calling.

We’re not fighting for the business of “the largest marketing agency on The East Coast.”

Those are fringe benefits. KyLeads was built to level the playing field.

There’s always been a divide between big business and small business. They’ve had access to more data, more talent, and more tools.

In the past, it made sense. These things were expensive; talent was hard to find, data was difficult to analyze, and the solutions were complex.  Those truths no longer apply. We’re not in the past.

No more excuses.

KyLeads was envisioned by entrepreneurs who’ve fought in the trenches to keep their ideas alive. 

It’s hard enough to choose a business model, create products, and drive web traffic. Turning those people into fans, customers, and advocates shouldn’t be difficult.

Complexity is the enemy.

In our platform, we’ve merged power and simplicity to give you conversion tools to grow your business. Tools that allow you to give your idea wings. 

Simple, useful, powerful. 

We’re a software company – agreed. At our core, we’re a group of people who want to lend a hand and stick a certain finger in the air at certain people.

In line with our philosophy, we invest in three things:

1.       Our product. The first step in making you successful is giving you the best tools possible. That means we constantly work on and develop the products you’ve invested in.

2.       Our people. A team is only as good as the worst person on it. Early on, we decided to work with nothing but the best.

3.       Our Customers. Without you, there is no us. Period.

That’s why we exist.

Core Values


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