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The internet is cold and impersonal, your list building shouldn't be. Create popups and quizzes to capture more leads, personalize your messages, and grow your business.

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Make That 2% Conversion Rate a Thing of The Past

You read articles on the web that talk about conversion rates over 20% but you can't seem to get out of the single digits. 

Your audience is more or less a few demographic markers and numbers on a screen. 

The tools available don't give you the information you need to make revenue driving decisions. 

Here's a fact, you can have all the demographic data in the world but it's not going to create an emotional connection. What will you tell people? 

"Hey 32 year old male from California, would you like to lose some weight?"

Everyone on the internet expects interactions to be personal.

The messages you send should speak to them as an individual, not as a segment or a purchasing demographic. Yes, demographic data is helpful. It's a long way away from what you need to close the deal. 

Used cars salesmen have a bad rep because they're annoying and dress funny half the time. They also have amazing sales techniques. They get relevant information and use that to tailor their offer to you. 

You wouldn't talk to a professional body builder the same way you'd talk to someone who's 30 pounds overweight would you?

Then why is all digital messaging more or less the same? Everyone goes through the same sequence and is pitched the same product in the same way. 

No matter their neeeds, everyone sees the same version of your website. 

That's why your conversion rates leave a lot to be desired.

You're probably thinking only huge companies have the resources to get personal like that. We thought the same thing - until we did it.

KyLeads allows you to create popups and quizzes that not only increase your conversion rates, they allow you to unlock more information about your audience.

You know where they are in the buyers journey and with that information you can create content that guides them further down your funnel. 

He's no longer a 32 year old male from California. He becomes John from San Francisco who has tried to lose weight in the past on his own but failed. He's now looking for a more guided approach with a coach or online course.

If you can't create personalized messages for someone who gives you that much information then software won't solve your problem. 

So how do you get this kind of information?

That's simple, you ask.

The beauty is the people interacting with your website are happy to give you the information you want and need. 

Your customers want you to send them better more tailored offers. Don't you feel good when your favorite brand sends you something super timely and useful?

Of course you do. 

That's where quizzes for lead genration and our popups come into play. Ask for the information you need in an engaging way - you'll get it. 

Opt-in Forms That Convert

  • Choose from half a dozen different types of opt-ins like floating bar, full screen takeover, light box, slide in, and mobile only opt-ins
  • Choose from half a dozen different types of opt-ins like floating bar, full screen takeover, light box, slide in, and mobile only opt-ins
  • A/B test variations so you consistently drive up your conversions  
  • Place them anywhere so you always have the best opportunity to present your offers. 

Quizzes That Engage Visitors

  • Create personality quizzes that speak to your audience (and reveal exactly who they are)
  • Use a lead capture form at the perfect time to 10x "standard" conversion rates
  • A/B test the most important aspects of your quiz until it’s a lean mean conversion generating machine
  • Use the insights you gain from quizzes to personalize your emails and get more customers

Built And Maintained By Humans That Care

Software is just software. It's job is to make you more successful. If it doesn't do that then it has failed - we've failed. 

We've created KyLeads with the humans who'll use it in mind . No bots allowed. 

We're available all week, and most of the weekend via email, chat, and phone to help you reach your goals.

Of Course, We Integrate With Your Favorite Tools

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