The internet is full of jaded humans who’re sick of ads and marketing. Use quizzes to engage and convert visitors who’d otherwise bounce.

Quizzes tap into the basic human drive of curiosity. Now you have it on your side.

There’s something we need to face. The elephant in the room. Traditional lead generation techniques are producing less and less return as time goes on.

The landing page to get your Ebook isn’t as effective. In fact, you’ve thrown traffic at it, made it as pretty as possible, and even got outside opinions. Yet, unfortunately, it’s still converting the same amount of visitors.

The lightbox pop-up to join your mailing list doesn’t have that same umph as it used to. People see it, a few subscribe, and no one is complaining, but you have a gnawing feeling. Your conversions can be better.

The squeeze page is squeezing the exact same number of contact details as it used to – no matter what you do. You have a growing business. If your metrics don’t improve, neither does the business.

Unless you’re a seasoned copywriter, it’ll be hard to move the needle beyond a certain point. The problem isn’t your copy per se. Rather, it’s attention.

There’s too much going on these days.

There’s nothing that’ll hold attention like learning about yourself. Everyone has a bit of narcissism in them. It’s why we let palm readers and fortune tellers divine out futures.

It’s why almost half of the most popular articles on Buzzfeed last year were quizzes.

It’s why THE most popular piece of content on The New York Times a few years back was a quiz. Here’s the crazy part. It was published in the last month of the year.

Let that sink in.

Articles published in January had an entire year to be discovered, read, and claim the crown as the most popular. It was the piece of interactive content that revealed something about ourselves that took the title of most viewed. It did it in less than thirty days.

What does that tell you about Quizzes?

It means they’re a potent way to engage your audience.  

It doesn’t end there.

When you couple quizzes with the ability to capture contact information, you take your conversion rate up ten levels.

Suddenly, the 30-40% conversion rates you hear thrown around the internet are within reach.


  1.     Quizzes are interactive content. It’s been proven time and again that interactive content is engaged with longer, shared more often, and is remembered more clearly.

  2.     People are curious about themselves. When you stick the results of the quiz behind an opt-in form, people have two options.

       a.     Give you their contact information and learn more about themselves

       b.     Leave the quiz – and all their invested time – and fail to learn about themselves.

The Zeigarnik Effect tells us people hate to leave unfinished business. It’ll grate at them. This simple truth is responsible for conversions as high as 60%.

Use basic human psychology to give your visitors what they want and grow your business at the same time.

Beautiful, Easy, and on Brand


You’re probably brand new to this whole quiz creation thing. We’re not. We’ve developed templates that you can tweak to your situation and hit the ground running. You don’t have to research for hours and come up with witty relevant questions. It’s already been done. All you have to do is reap the rewards.

Intuitive Quiz Builder

We know how it feels to click around in a piece of software and not understand what to do next. Our quiz builder just works. Once you’re in your account, it’s a simple as clicking a few buttons, selecting a few options, and copying some code. No need to beat yourself over the head with a knowledge base or reach out to support.


Your brand is, well, yours. We get that and will never be a barrier to how you present yourself. We take your ability to customize your assets seriously. You have complete control of how your quizzes are presented to the world.

Testing and data for the win


A/B testing

How do you know if a headline is going to resonate with your users? Or if certain questions are worded the right way? You don’t. That’s why you need to be able to test it. Not just any test, you need to be able to test specific changes to see whether or not you’re on the right track. We’ve built A/B testing into the fabric of our product. Test key points like the title page and the gated opt-in, take the best, and see your conversion rates rise over time.

Powerful reporting

You can’t make the right decision without data. If there’s no data involved then you’re guessing. There’s real money on the line. Losing it because you guessed wrong is never fun. Access powerful and easy-to-understand reports. Make the right decisions every time.

Choose where and when it appears


Sometimes your visitors are so deep into what they’re reading or watching they’ll resent being interrupted. That’s OK. With inline embeds, you can place your quiz right in the content. It’s as simple as copying and pasting wherever you want.


Sometimes, your best option is to interrupt your visitors and give them what you know they’ll want.  It’s your call. Not ours. We’ve just made sure you can take advantage of it. Select when and how your quiz appears in front of your visitors so they’re engaged at the perfect time (that’s code for better conversions). 

And before we forget

After quiz offer

The unique thing about quizzes is tailored results. With the after quiz offer, you’re also able to show them a tailored. Do you have a series of books on different aspects of personal style? Show them the perfect book based on their results. Do you have a series of courses on what to wear and when? Show them a recommendation based on the way they answered your questions.

Customize the results

Each quiz taker gave different answers. Their results should reflect that. Create outcomes to wow them and let them know it’s based on their answers. You can create as many unique outcomes as you’d like for every quiz.

Redirect on completion

Maybe you want to wow the people who just took your quiz. Send them to a custom page based on the results they got. There, you can go deep into what their results mean, introduce them to the perfect offer, or push them further down your funnel. The choice is yours.

Customizable lead capture forms

Sometimes all you need is a name and email. At other times, you need a bit more. Customize your lead capture forms to get all the information you need to qualify your contacts. Save yourself countless hours by prequalifying the people interacting with your brand.

Integrations made easy

To integrate with your email marketing service all you have to do is copy and paste a bit of code. All you have to do is copy and paste the form HTML code from your email marketing service, check it, and your good to go.