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Convert and monetize website visitors with flexible tools that help grow your email list, segment leads, and generate sales. 

With KyLeads, Build Popups and Quizzes To:

Boost Sales

Build a more engaged base of leads and send better messages to close more deals.

Target Visitors

Use advanced targeting options to show messages to the right people and increase conversions.

Generate Leads

Connect to your email marketing service, generate, and segment leads in just a few minutes.

There's a better way to generate leads and customers. 

#1 Quizzes that convert

Create beautiful quizzes that engage, segment, and convert up to 30% of your visitors into leads. Use the insights you gain about your audience to create better messaging, funnels, and results in your business.

#2 Popups that work

Use smart popups to convert more website visitors into subscribers and build an engaged user base. Multiple opt-in types, powerful targeting options, and deep customization give you the ability to create high converting opt-in forms your visitor actually care about.

#3 Beautiful insightful reports

There shouldn’t be a learning curve to understand what’s working and what’s not. Access reports that give you the most important information at a glance while allowing you dig into the weeds (if you’re into that kind of thing).

Timely popups that convert

Personalized targeting

Great targeting options are a necessity - don't treat them like a luxury.  

  • Get granular with who sees (or doesn't see) your popups to improve your opt-in rates
  • Exlude your already subscribed visitors from seeing the same message for a better user experience
  • Target based on referral source, custom URLs, and more

Split testing, reports, and customization. 

With KyLeads, you have the ability to create a popup that matches your brand and appeals to your visitors. It doesn't end there.

  • Access reports that show you what's working and what's not
  • Test different offers against a control so you can hone your messages over time
  • Control the way it looks to stay on brand and increase opt-in rates

All the display types you need

Not everyone reacts the same way to popups. Some will bounce from the page and others will sign up. We give you multiple options.

  • Half a dozen popup types so you choose what works best for your audience
  • Combine different elements on the same page for maximum conversions

Turn more visitors into leads

Quizzes for engagement and conversions

Quizzes for engagement and conversions

Intuitive Builder and Custom start page

From the very first step to the last, it's easy to build quizzes that engage your audience and turn them into leads. 

  • Intuitive quiz builder so you're in and out within a few minutes
  • Custom start page to increase quiz starts and absolute lead volume
  • Fully customizable to match your brand and create a great impression

Testing and reporting that delivers insights

We've built a simple A/B testing engine that helps you deliver results. 

  • Test every element  of your quizzes
  • Access easy to understand reports to figure out what's working
  • Make data backed decisions instead of only going with your gut

Customize the results and segment leads

You know the good thing about quizzes? Segmentation is built in. 

  • Segment contacts at the point of lead capture for better follow ups
  • Know where each person is in the buyer journey and send relevant messages
  • Prioritize your resources and increase your botom line by focusing on the best opportunities

They're actually fun to use

In a study that analyzed millions of pieces of content, 8 of the top ten pieces were quizzes. The pages that hosted the quizzes were visited and shared more often than any othe ones.  

Engage your audience, segment users, and generate more leads with less effort, time, and expense

Built And Maintained By Humans That Care

Software is just software. If it doesn't do its job then it has failed - we've failed.

We've created KyLeads with the humans who'll use it in mind . No bots allowed. 

We're available all week, and most of the weekend via email, chat, and phone to help you reach your goals.

Lead generation and feedback together at last

Of Course, We Integrate With Your Favorite Tools

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