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Video Marketing Statistics to Know [Infographic]

Curt VanderWall

In 2018, video content was clearly on the rise. So far, many businesses and marketers have successfully incorporated videos into their marketing campaigns and are already getting positive results. We’ll back up our words with some fresh video marketing statistics directly from video creators.

Videos are used everywhere: on social media channels, on websites, emails, and paid ads. 5 million videos are watched on YouTube alone. Maybe it’s time to consider using them to promote your business?

If you’re worried about your budget and how much money you will spend on the video creation process, then you can consider using video maker tools like Renderforest. They will save you time and money, but the results will exceed your expectations.

Still not sure about the benefits of video content? It helps to engage the audience and catch their attention. Besides, videos are informative and can successfully spread your message or present your business in detail.

It’s hard to believe in the effectiveness of videos without being convinced by the numbers. This is why over 1000 Renderforest users were surveyed on how videos influenced their marketing campaigns and businesses in 2018, and what their plans are for 2019.

We’ve collected the survey results and analyzed them. Check out the infographic below to see the video marketing statistics and get prepared for 2019:

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Video Marketing Statistics to Know for 2019

  • 58% of video creators use videos for business, the others use for personal purposes;
  • 86% are content with their video marketing results and consider them successful;
  • 71% of businesses claim that videos help to increase the time people spend on their websites;
  • 78% generated more traffic thanks to video content;
  • 70% also generated more leads after using videos and 54% saw an increase in sales;
  • 86% of the participants said that videos helped them to increase their brand awareness;
  • 70% of the users create videos with the help of online video maker platforms, 20% keep their own design team, and the 10% hire digital agencies;
  • On average, 60% of people use more than 10 videos per month, 30% of creators use 4-10 videos, and the other 10% use less than 3 videos per month;
  • 44% of users consider promotional videos more effective;
  • 68% of people have been using videos for their business for less than a year, and 18% of people – about 2 years;
  • People share their created videos on YouTube(37%), Facebook(36%), Instagram (15%), and other platforms (12%);
  • 93% of video creators said that in 2019 will still be a priority for them.

Use all your creativity in your video marketing campaigns to get the most out of video content. You can create so many types of videos that can be used everywhere on the web: marketing videos, infographic videos, mobile app promosproduct demo or explainer videos, tutorials, video ads, case studies, and so much more. It’s up to you to decide where to start. Will, you use videos in 2019?

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