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The 8 Best Legal Lead Generation Companies

Curt VanderWall

Law firms provide any number of valuable services. Depending on your field of practice, you might benefit your clients in myriad ways. For example, an estate planning firm might provide strategic guidance in the development of a will or living trust. A business-focused firm might provide tips to start an LLC in Florida, or to navigate a significant merger.

Valuable though these services may be, they don’t sell themselves. To remain competitive, law firms have to invest in meaningful marketing channels, which might include everything from social media outreach to SEO. And then there’s lead generation. Working with a proven lead generation company is one of the most effective ways to bring new clients into the sales pipeline. Crucially, though, not all lead generation businesses are created equal. It’s important to find one that offers a wealth of experience, plus a focus on the particular needs of the legal profession.

What are the Best Lead Generation Companies for Law Firms?

So what are some of the top-rated lead generation companies that cater to attorneys? Consider eight of the highest-ranked options.

1) Avvo

With more than eight million monthly visitors, Avvo is one of the most heavily-trafficked sites in the entire legal profession. They deploy a robust marketing budget to attract visitors to their website, pairing those visitors with the appropriate legal professionals. The Avvo platform also provides an online review platform, which can be an effective tool for attorneys looking to enhance their online reputation. Setting up a lawyer profile on Avvo may be one of the smartest lead generation moves you ever make.

2) Expertise

Expertise is another online network that allows customers a chance to input their legal needs, then receive recommendations for qualified, relevant attorneys in their community. There are about a million client connections made every single month, making this a can’t-miss lead generation service for lawyers everywhere. Lawyers can establish profiles and highlight premium content, including written or video testimonials from past clients.

3) FindLaw

One of the longest-established legal directories on the Internet, FindLaw has a legacy extending back to the 1990s. The network was bought by Reuters in 2001, and since then has developed a distinguished reputation among attorneys and clients alike. Law firms can benefit from customizable profile pages, directory listings, pay-per-lead services, and more. Note that all major practice areas are covered, but FindLaw is especially popular in fields such as criminal defense, DUI law, bankruptcy law, family and divorce law, and estate planning.

4) Nolo

Nolo actually has a legacy extending back decades; predating the Internet, it has long been seen as a reputable publication for those seeking DIY legal advice. In the Internet age, it has morphed into more of a lead generation service, albeit one that provides attorneys with unique opportunities to address common questions and display real thought leadership. The network is primarily driven by SEO, which is why you see Nolo pages pop up all the time when you Google any kind of legal query. Note that Nolo uses a pay-per-lead model, but the rate varies according to practice area.

5) Lawyers.com

Lawyers.com is another one of the major players in legal lead generation, boasting over a million unique lawyer profiles. The site also offers a ton of articles that gives users free legal insight, providing attorneys with opportunities to demonstrate their thought leadership and expertise. The site is supported by a combination of digital marketing methods, including a strong SEO focus that’s not unlike Nolo’s. A number of practice areas are covered, including bankruptcy, business law, family law, intellectual property, immigration law, and personal injury.

6) LegalMatch

LegalMatch is an independent lead gen site that works a bit differently than some of the other entries on this list. Their model is more marketplace-focused, matchmaking attorneys and clients rather than providing an open directory. (You can compare it with other marketplace-based online services like Thumbtack; the model is roughly the same.) LegalMatch has a robust SEO focus, and an expansive library of articles that provide detailed legal expertise. Attorneys who use the site have a chance to review individual case details before deciding whether or not to accept the lead.

7) LegalZoom

LegalZoom was founded back in 2001, and ever since then it has been a fixture of the legal ecosystem. The site is best-known for providing legal document templates and other DIY solutions, but there is also a subscription service where users can sign up for more direct legal guidance. This is definitely a lead generation platform that’s worth considering, especially if you practice in fields like bankruptcy, civil litigation, criminal defense, divorce law, employment law, family law, or probate and trust administration.

8) 4LegalLeads

Last but not least is 4LegalLeads, an independent network that’s been operating since 2001. There’s a lot to like about this platform but one thing to highlight is that it provides opportunities to market your practice in extremely niche fields, including areas such as nursing home abuse. This platform uses a pay-per-lead model that has varying prices depending on the type of case.

Choosing the Best Legal Lead Gen Service

There are a number of options for law firms to consider, and of course, you may decide it’s worth your investment to be present on multiple services. This is especially viable if you opt for pay-per-lead platforms, where you’ll only need to pony up for actual clients you bring on board. Lead generation should be considered an essential addition to any attorney’s marketing mix, especially when done with proven partners like the ones listed here.

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