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Best LinkedIn Bots and Automation Tools for 2023

Daniel Ndukwu

LinkedIn, as I’m sure you’re aware, is one of the largest social media platforms in the world. It’s unique in many ways but one of the most important is the fact that it’s a professional platform.

People from all over the world create a type of digital resume with their work experience, contacts, and their current positions. For a salesperson or a marketer, it’s a goldmine that doesn’t run dry.

It can be used to develop a steady stream of quality leads to grow a brand much faster. The challenge is the amount of manual work required to use LinkedIn properly.

That’s where LinkedIn bots and automation tools come into play. They can help you cut down a lot of the grunt work and get results in a fraction of the time.

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, the quest for efficient content creation has given rise to a new breed of tools – the LinkedIn post generator.

These sophisticated solutions harness the power of artificial intelligence to craft compelling narratives tailored to the professional zeitgeist, empowering thought leaders and brands alike to captivate their audiences with surgical precision.

By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge language models, these generators unlock a realm of possibility, where the burstiness of ideation meets the perplexity of strategic messaging, resulting in a harmonious symphony of content that resonates with the discerning LinkedIn community.

In this guide, you’ll learn about some of the best LinkedIn automation tools to generate and nurture quality leads on LinkedIn.

Best LinkedIn Automation Bots

1. Hexospark


Gathering contact data of your potential leads from LinkedIn can be a tedious task as you have to copy and paste the details of each profile page, including the name, phone number, email, qualifications, etc. But you no longer have to worry about wasting your time on this kind of task with Hexospark!

Hexospark is an all-in-one email outreach and CRM platform making it easy to find leads on LinkedIn, send, create perfect email lists, send hyper-personalized email campaigns, and more.

With the help of the Hexospark extension, you can capture detailed information from LinkedIn. All you have to do is visit the LinkedIn profile you want to scrape and click on the extension. Hexospark will gather all the data from that profile in seconds and save it in its contact list.

You can later create email campaigns without having to leave Hexospark as all the information will be saved in the Hexospark CRM.

Key features

  • LinkedIn contacts scraping
  • LinkedIn prospecting
  • All-in-one email automation
  • Lead management
  • Built-in CRM system
  • Unified inbox
  • Email scheduling option
  • Personalized LinkedIn icebreakers
  • Unlimited emails and follow-ups


  • It can’t extract contact details that aren’t publicly available.


Hexospark has a free trial available. Paid plans start from $24 per month for a monthly subscription plan. You can also get a plan tailored to your unique business needs.

2. Dux-Soup

Dux Soup LinkedIn bot

Don’t let the strange name fool you, Dux-Soup brings many important tools to the LinkedIn automation game. It automates more than just finding prospects and sending a friend request. It actively engages with prospects on the platform by endorsing skills, interacting with LinkedIn posts, and more.

Once you’ve connected with a prospect, you’re able to send automated follow-up sequences of varying lengths. You can even go as far as filtering based on how active the people you reach out to and save yourself time by ignoring those who don’t engage with your messages.

Navigating the digital networking sphere requires more than just automation; it demands insight. Enter LinkedIn analytics, the secret sauce to transforming raw data into actionable intelligence. By decoding the digital footprints left by your audience, these tools empower you to craft messages that don’t just reach eyes but engage minds.

Tailoring your strategy with the precision of analytics ensures your outreach resonates, turning cold connections into warm leads. This isn’t just networking; it’s networking optimized, where every interaction is an informed step towards your professional zenith

Dux-Soup also has a simple CRM that allows you to keep track of people you’ve interacted with and you can even apply tags. Conversely, you can upload a list to the platform and reach out to people that way.

Key features

  • Automate emails and LinkedIn messaging
  • Basic CRM to keep track of the people who you’ve interacted with
  • Tag prospects to follow up with later
  • Ability to upload your own list of prospects
  • Interact with prospects with the LinkedIn bot by liking posts and endorsing skills
  • Download contact information right from the platform
  • Make notes against profiles


  • It’s a desktop application so it’s tied to CPU usage


It has a free plan and paid plans start at $14.99/m.

3. Salesloop

Sales Loop Linkedin Automation tool

Salesloop is a solid LinkedIn automation tool that’s designed for one-man squads all the way up to medium enterprises. One of its strong suits is the ability to launch multi-channel campaigns using email and LinkedIn together.

The targeting options let you find the perfect match prospects for your needs. For example, you can filter by geography, industry, and even job title. Once you find matches, you’ll be able to automatically connect and start sending personalized messages to turn them into leads and take the next step in your funnel.

One of the major problems of the first generation LinkedIn tools was the fact that they were designed as desktop applications. If you disconnect from the internet, the campaigns you’ve set up will stop running. Salesloop doesn’t suffer from the same limitation.

Key features

  • Geographic, industry, job title, etc. targeting
  • Simple personalization tools
  • Sync across email and LinkedIn for consistent messaging
  • Automatically remove people from automations after the first reply
  • Doesn’t require you to leave your computer on to run
  • Campaign reporting
  • Basic CRM


  • Still a young tool that needs further development
  • Doesn’t help you determine usage safety limits


Pricing starts at $39/m for a single user and can go as high as $799/m for the managed service.

4. LeadConnect

Lead connect homepage

LeadConnect is a well-rounded LinkedIn bot that brings many useful features to the table. You’re able to use either the basic LinkedIn search or Sales Navigator to help the tool define your target audience. Afterward, you can send connection requests with personalized messages and follow-up with them after they’ve accepted your requests.

It also has integration with other email lookup tools so you’re able to get their contact information and continue the conversation off the platform. With the Hubspot integration, you can send all their data – including the conversation – to your CRM and follow-up accordingly.

Key features

  • Chrome extension
  • Sync contacts to your Hubspot account
  • Set targeting options
  • Integrate with email lookup tools
  • Multiple follow-up messages on LinkedIn
  • Reply opt-out so you’re not sending follow-up messages to people who’ve already replied
  • Simple team management
  • Message personalization
  • Simple analytics


  • Interface can be confusing at times and require extra steps
  • Support is often subpar when you run into an issue


It has a free plan then pricing starts at $25.95/m.

5. Wiza


Prospecting on LinkedIn can be extremely tedious. Just imagine yourself manually going through thousands of profiles, trying to find those at least remotely relevant to your target customer description. But if you choose to do prospecting with Wiza, you won’t have to break a sweat.

Wiza is a real-time prospecting tool created specifically for LinkedIn Sales and Outreach, that supplies you with the most up-to-date information about potential contacts. All you need to do is apply relevant filters in your LinkedIn Sales Navigator searches and export the results using the Wiza extension. You could export the prospects list to a CRM or a CSV file, each prospect will have their own profile with valid emails, phone numbers, and other contact information. 

Key features:

  • LinkedIn prospecting
  • LinkedIn scraping
  • Email finder and verification
  • Export verified email lists from LinkedIn Sales Navigator to CRM or a CSV file.
  • Flexible payment options


  • It can take a while to export data, which is understandable if you’re working on creating large lists of prospects.


You can use Wiza for free, but you’ll still have to pay $0.15 for each credit (1 credit=1 email). Subscriptions start at $50 a month

6. Expandi

Expandi homepage

Expandi is a newer LinkedIn bot and claims it’s the safest on the market. With the permanent restrictions that LinkedIn has started handing out, this may be an important distinction. In line with that assertion, there are a number of features put in place to make it a reality like dedicated country-based IP, delays between actions, a warm-up feature, and limits in line with LinkedIn usage guides.

In addition to the safety features, it has the tools you’d expect from a LinkedIn bot. This includes connections to your CRM, follow up messages, personalization, etc.

Key features

  • Connect to popular CRMs
  • Strong targeting features
  • Emphasis on the safety of your account
  • Multiple playbooks to follow and get better results
  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Inbox to manage your chats from LinkedIn
  • Simple analytics to gauge performance
  • Targeting options to make the most of your efforts
  • Develop follow-up sequences
  • Personalize all your messages
  • Reply detection


  • It’s a bit more expensive than other tools


Expandi has a single pricing plan of $99/m per account.

7. Zopto

Zopto homepage

Zopto calls itself the #1 LinkedIn automation tool. While the title is debatable, it does have a solid feature set that attempts to back up the assertion. It has a responsive support team, is cloud-based so you don’t have to worry about downloading anything, and uses an algorithm that mimics human behavior to keep your account safe.

Key features

  • Large number of criteria available for targeting
  • Lists are cleaned automatically using it AI
  • Identifies and removes emojis when personalizing outreach
  • Multiple account management
  • Built-in LinkedIn safety features
  • Access proven templates
  • Create as many campaigns as you need
  • Support for campaign scheduling
  • Detects replies and stops automated follow-ups
  • Integrates with hundreds of tools through Zapier


  • Much pricier than other tools
  • All incoming leads are in the same inbox so if you’re running multiple campaigns it can be difficult to manage


Zopto starts at $215/m for a single account and goes as high as $895/m.

8. Alfred

Alfred linkedin bot

Alfred is another solid LinkedIn bot that multiples your results without requiring more effort on your part. In addition, it helps you automate your email and even Twitter interaction for true multi-channel campaigns.

It goes beyond just sending requests and follow-up messages (though it does that too) by allowing you to engage with user’s posts and view their profiles. Safety is also taken care of with Alfred due to the usage limits automatically imposed

Key features

  • Run multichannel campaigns through LinkedIn, Twitter, and email
  • CRM that provides detailed information about new contacts
  • Reporting features to understand your performance over time
  • Team management
  • Post scheduling
  • Safety limits that protect your accounts at all times
  • Additional services to optimize your LinkedIn presence and performance


  • No refunds under any circumstances
  • The interface can take some getting used to as a novice


Prices start at $49/m and goes up to a few hundred dollars a month

9. Phantom Buster

Phantom buster linkedin automation tool

Phantom Buster isn’t just a LinkedIn tool – it also works with Twitter, Facebook, multiple Google services, etc. It’s designed to automate certain tasks on specific platforms and scrape data for you.

Each use case is part of a specific module that you can mix and match as you see fit. Each action takes up a slot so if you use all the LinkedIn tools, it’ll require 8 slots. In addition to the slots that’ll be used, you’re limited by the duration of the action.

Key features

  • Send LinkedIn connection requests automatically
  • Scrape content information from LinkedIn profiles
  • Send personalized messages
  • Export LinkedIn search results
  • Find information of companies on LinkedIn


  • The pricing is a bit convoluted
  • There are no safety precautions to protect your account


It has a free plan then the paid plans start at $30/m for 1 hour of work and 5 slots.

10. We-Connect

Weconnect homepage

We-Connect is also fighting for the title of the safest LinkedIn bot in the world. To that end, it provides a unique IP, usage limits, and randomized actions. Beyond that, it has a number of useful features such as an API, Zapier integration, duplicate message prevention, and more. It’s a solid tool that’ll get the job done.

Key features

  • Bulk contact requests
  • Send messages and follow-up sequences (up to 10 messages)
  • Visit profiles on LinkedIn
  • Export data from the tool
  • Campaign reporting
  • Inbox management tools
  • Detects replies and stops sending follow-ups
  • Message personalization
  • Contact tagging and adding notes


  • The interface may be confusing for many users
  • Can only run one campaign at a time


Pricing starts at $49/m per user

11. LinkedIn Helper

LinkedIn Helper combines LinkedIn automation with a solid CRM to help you get better results from your outreach. It boasts 90,000 happy users and has the features to back it up. Like many other tools on this list, it has a strong emphasis on safely automate your LinkedIn activities.

Key features

  • Built-in CRM
  • Integrations with 3rd party CRMs
  • Invite connections to LinkedIn groups
  • Autoresponders for new contacts
  • Follow-up sequences
  • Message personalization
  • Tag contacts
  • Send InMail to 2nd & 3rd-degree contacts
  • Integrates with email lookup tools like Snov and Hunter
  • Remove connections from LinkedIn


  • It’s an app that needs to be downloaded


Pricing starts at $15/m/account and reduces the more months you subscribe for.

12. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is one of the safest tools for LinkedIn automation because it’s created by the company itself. It gives you full access to LinkedIn where you can prospect, send InMail, create and save lead lists, video training, and so much more.

It doesn’t let you automate the process in the same way third-party tools do but it’ll give you many insights they can’t. For the best results, use one of the other tools on this list with LinkedIn sales navigator. To learn more about how much this powerful tool costs, you can check out this detailed guide on sales navigator plans.

12. SocialBee

Socialbee homepage screenshot

SocialBee is a robust social media automation tool that empowers users to efficiently manage their presence on LinkedIn. You can create engaging content, schedule LinkedIn posts in advance, and publish directly from SocialBee, eliminating the need for manual posting. However, its capabilities extend far beyond LinkedIn, encompassing all major social platforms.

Key Features

  • Generate images and captions with AI
  • Design posts with Canva, Unsplash, and Giphy
  • Import and edit content in bulk
  • Connect RSS feeds to import content
  • Create a posting schedule
  • Manage your social inbox
  • View your upcoming posts
  • Analyze the performance of your posts and accounts
  • Supported platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Business Profile, TikTok, and YouTube


  • SocialBee’s mobile app doesn’t allow users to create and schedule content.


SocialBee plans start at $29 per month after a 14-day free trial.

What to look for in LinkedIn automation tools

Not all LinkedIn automation tools are created equally. Some do the basics but you run the risk of getting your account banned or permanently restricted. Some do the basics and also add advanced features to help you along.

The following areas are must-haves for any LinkedIn bot you choose to work with.


One of the most important aspects of a LinkedIn automation tool is strong targeting features. There are millions of people from all industries. Targeting based on location or general industry often isn’t enough.

The best LinkedIn tools allow you to get granular with your targeting. The prospects that enter your pipeline are more likely to turn into customers and clients down the line. When targeting is off, you have a lot of wasted effort.

Contact management

Another important aspect of LinkedIn marketing is being able to handle the new contacts you acquire. Many people will be replying to your connection requests and messages. How do you keep up with it all?

Contact management and an inbox are nonnegotiable. They’ll keep you organized and ensure no lead slips through the cracks.


LinkedIn power users are getting used to being pitched with poorly designed automation campaigns. Someone will send them a sequence that they’ve sent to 500 other people and the power user will be able to identify it from a mile away.

A new trick some linked users have taken advantage of is putting an emoji in front of their name. The automation tool will pick this up and mistake it for their first name. Instead of hey *John* it becomes hey *emoji* which is a dead giveaway for automation.

Avoid this by choosing a tool that allows you to use personalization based on many factors like job title, company, area, etc. (and can parse out emojis).

Gaining a deep understanding of interaction through LinkedIn Comments can substantially broaden your impact on LinkedIn. Utilizing automation tools for thoughtful interaction not only boosts your profile’s visibility but also cultivates valuable connections.

Explore comprehensive strategies to effectively engage with LinkedIn comments, thereby enhancing your networking approach and fostering richer, more impactful conversations. This approach ensures your engagement efforts are maximally effective, blending automation with personal touch for greater networking success.

No matter the tool you choose, it’s important to stay within the usage limits as stipulated by LinkedIn. The platform is starting to tighten (or rather, enforce) policies related to how you can use third-party tools.

One of the ways they enforce this is through the permanently restricted account. You basically lose access to the useful features on LinkedIn. While it’s possible to lift a ban on a restricted account, it’s difficult and time-consuming so just follow the rules.

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