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18 Best Webinar Platforms to Teach, Engage, and Sell (2020)

Daniel Ndukwu

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Webinar marketing is an effective strategy to generate leads and revenue at the same time. Not only that, the right webinar platforms make it easier to educate and retain your current customers.

Many B2B brands use it to grow faster than the competition and B2C brands across many industries are also waking up to the effectiveness of webinars. They’re work because you can build a deeper relationship with prospects at scale.

Think of it as the perfect combination of one on one conversations and scalability. We’re not waxing poetic on its benefits today. Instead, this guide focuses on the best webinar platforms out there.

It’ll run through the top features, cons, the kind of customer each one is ideal for, and the current pricing. In the end, you’ll have all the information you need to choose a solid webinar platform for your business.

Moreover, for an artificial intelligence development company, choosing the right webinar platform is paramount in effectively showcasing cutting-edge AI solutions to a global audience.

These platforms offer features tailored to meet the specific needs of AI developers, such as seamless integration with AI tools and APIs, advanced screen sharing capabilities for technical demonstrations, and robust analytics to measure engagement with potential clients and industry professionals.

An artificial intelligence development company can help you leverage these features and implement custom functionalities to streamline your workflow and effectively showcase your expertise to a wider audience.

On the topic of connectivity, it’s crucial to acknowledge the advancements in webinar platforms offering seamless integrations with various applications and utilities. Take the union of webinar applications and CRM systems as an example; this integration augments personalized interactions, offering bespoke experiences to attendees.

Technological progression is not confined to collecting user data but extends to transforming these insights into implementable actions, enhancing the efficiency of subsequent engagements and enabling informed decision-making. This amalgamation of innovations is driving a shift towards a more adaptive, agile, and individualized mode of virtual engagement.

By leveraging the best webinar platform, an artificial intelligence development company can demonstrate their expertise, engage with a wide range of stakeholders, and drive growth in their business.

What is the Best Webinar Software?

1.    WebinarJam

WebinarJam featured image

The first of the webinar platforms on this list is WebinarJam. It’s designed to make it easy to host live events with thousands of people. Founded by veteran digital marketers, it has robust tools for creating an entire webinar funnel for lead generation and sales.

In addition to the core features, there’s a training library that’ll show you how to make the most of the software and webinars in general. Together, these features make WebinarJam one of the best webinar software solutions out there. You can read a full WebinarJam Review here.

Key Features

  • Host up to 5,000 members at once
  • Present with up to 6 speakers
  • Live chat, pinned messages/announcements
  • Automated event recording and replay it exactly as it happened live (elements appear, chats, etc.)
  • Landing page templates and built-in split testing
  • Email marketing features for pre and post-webinar follow up
  • Present offers and track conversions
  • Instantly reset your webinar in the case of technical mishaps
  • Registration and attendance stats
  • Automated evergreen webinars


  • Many people (we included) have experienced a delay from what’s happening live and what’s on the screen
  • It only has annual pricing plans

Who it’s for

Marketers and entrepreneurs who are interested in streaming to a large audience live but don’t need robust replay features.


WebinarJam has three pricing tiers, all of which are billed annually. It starts at $479, then moves up to $783 for the middle tier and $997 for the highest package. It comes with a $1 60-day trial.

4.2/5 from 127 reviews on Capterra.

2.    Demio

Demio image

Demio is one of the few webinar software solutions built specifically for marketers. According to the team, the goal of Demio is to build a robust webinar platform that’s easy to use. If you’ve ever used a webinar solution, you know it can be difficult to get up and running. The commitment to simplicity makes Demio one of the best webinar services available.

Key Features

  • Beautiful and intuitive user interface (for you and your attendees)
  • Built-in customizable landing pages
  • Add custom fields to registration forms
  • Polls, chat, and Q&A
  • Share downloadable marketing material the live event
  • Customized replay page
  • Analytics for registration and live participation
  • Integrations with major email marketing services and CRMs
  • Evergreen webinars that give the appearance of being live


  • Doesn’t have dial-in capabilities
  • Pre and post-registration email analytics are lacking
  • Limited customization options for email

Who it’s for

Marketers who want a simple-to-use webinar platform that doesn’t have a steep learning curve.


Demio has three pricing tiers. $49/m, $99/m, and $234/m with 50, 150, and 500 attendees respectively. It has a 14-day trial and a 30% discount on annual plans.

4.9 stars from 81 reviews on Capterra

3.    Easywebinar


Easywebinar is a robust webinar tool that combines the interactions of a live presentation with the scalability of automation. It was built with rapid business growth in mind and has been proven across thousands of presentations and millions of attendees.

Key Features

  • Real-time streaming (no delay no matter how many participants)
  • Pass the camera to attendees and make them presenters
  • Present limited time offers directly from the presentation
  • Connect with YouTube live and remove attendee limits
  • One-click registration to boost conversions
  • Clone funnels with a few button clicks
  • Instantly create evergreen automated webinars
  • WordPress plugin to make the process easier


  • Set up can be confusing for first-time users
  • Doesn’t host the video for automated webinars
  • Difficult to edit the default email templates

Who it’s for

SaaS companies, authors, and consultants looking to build a deeper connection with their audience and generate revenue.


Easywebinar has three pricing plans based on features and the number of attendees. It costs $78/m, $129/m, and $499/m for 100, 500, and 2,000 attendees respectively. It has a 14-day trial and 3 months free on annual plans.

4.4 stars from 57 reviews on Capterra

In our current era of technological progress, AI tools are transforming interactions within digital environments, particularly in the realm of webinar platforms. Such tools are adept at streamlining processes and automating aspects such as participant interaction and the customization of content.

By adopting these advanced tools, the platforms are elevating their hosting capabilities, providing more engaging and adaptable experiences for both the organizers and participants of these digital events. Discover the capabilities of AI in elevating the quality of digital gatherings!

4.    Everwebinar


Everwebinar is from the developers of WebinarJam. While WebinarJam focuses on live webinars, Everwebinar is dedicated to automating webinars you’ve already recorded. It’s the perfect option if you have a presentation that’s proven to convert viewers to sales or if you have an ongoing training series that’s ideal for generating leads.

Key Features

  • Create automated webinars for specific dates or recurring
  • Just in time webinars that start a few minutes after registration
  • Block out sessions that would otherwise happen in the dead of night
  • Activate offers as the exact minute and second as when you’re presenting it on the screen
  • Turn WebinarJam sessions into automated webinars with a click
  • Dynamic visitor counts throughout playback
  • Live chat simulator
  • Deep analytics at every step of the way (traffic, signup conversions, show-up rate, replay/live stream stats, etc.)
  • Email marketing and SMS


  • Doesn’t host your recordings
  • Limited SMS marketing integrations
  • The user interface is can be difficult to learn

Who it’s for

Marketers, entrepreneurs, and consultants who’ve proven the effectiveness of their webinar and want to scale.


Everwebinar costs $497 and comes with a 60 day, $1 trial.

4.2/5 – from 127 reviews on Capterra

 5.    GoToWebinar

GoToWebinar is an older player in the webinar software space. It has tens of thousands of customers and hosts millions of webinars a year. It’s a proven choice when it comes to hosting your webinar. In addition to the webinar platform, it has a large resource library to help you get up and running quickly.

Key Features

  • Manage invitations and follow up emails
  • Send polls to your attendees
  • Clear data on attendees and registrants
  • Channel page for on-demand webinars
  • Prerecorded events
  • Integrations with major CRMs and email marketing services
  • Track referral source for registrations
  • Open API to build on top of GoToWebinar
  • Mobile app
  • Drawing tools to engage your audience


  • Limited customization options for forms and landing pages
  • Attendees have to download a plugin to access the webinar
  • Tech support has been steadily declining in quality

Who it’s for

It’s for organizations that want to get many users on the platform running webinars and marketing teams.


GoToWebinar has three pricing tiers based on the number of users and features. It costs $109/m, $249/m, or $499/m for 100, 500, and 1,000 users respectively. There’s a 7-day trial and a 20% discount for annual plans.

4.5 stars on Capterra from 1066 reviews.

6. Everytale


Everytale is a streaming platform that makes it possible for people to explore a wide range of interesting topics. Everytale is a webinar platform cum marketplace which allows educators and event organizers to host casual and formal events alike.There are a lot more features built into Everytale as well. Content creators and publishers can easily attract traffic to their events and accept payments thanks to the easy-to-understand analytics and payment integrations of an online payment gateway.

Key features

  • Live 4K video streaming platform.
  • Integrated with advanced artificial intelligence.
  • Up to 100.000 people can stream simultaneously.
  • Support for Stripe payments
  • Integrated engagement tools like polls and surveys
  • Invite speakers/hosts to your events
  • Schedule or send reminders to your audience
  • Post event analytics


  • A knowledge base or FAQ is missing
  • Text to speech is not live on the platform.

Who it’s for

The platform is a great fit webinar marketers and video marketers who need a wide range of engagement features at their fingertips.


Everytale, believe it or not, is free through and through for now.

7.    Clickmeeting


Clickmeeting is a solid webinar service that’s been around for a number of years. The platform has been tested with thousands of people in the same event while streaming for hours. Needless to say, they have their technical chops in order but let’s look at the features to see if they’re worth it.

Key features

  • Paywall for webinars
  • Webinar automation at scale
  • Custom fields in the registration page
  • The waiting room can be customized with the presentation agenda
  • Stream on both Facebook and YouTube
  • Use a whiteboard to explain concepts
  • Use surveys and polls to understand your audience
  • Allow attendees to rate your performance and find areas to improve


  • It’s tricky for new users to learn the system
  • Can’t reschedule the date of the webinar without changing the link as well
  • Slight delay between what’s happening live and what’s being seen on the screen

Who it’s for

  • Marketers and teams who want to combine live and automated software to generate engagement and sales


Pricing is based on the number of attendees you want to host. It ranges from $35/m for 25 attendees up to $359/m for 1,000 attendees.

4.2 stars from 32 reviews on Capterra.

8.    WebinarNinja

Webinar ninja

WebinarNinja is a relatively new tool for webinar hosting which is making a name for itself through a robust feature set and exceptional design. It’s trusted by large internet brands like AppSumo and is considered easy-to-use by many of its customers.

Key Features

  • Choose between multiple types of webinars (live, hybrid, automated)
  • Create offers and display them within your live event
  • Insert videos during a live event
  • Blackout specific dates and times for automated webinars
  • Control your event email marketing from within the webinar platform
  • Simple media library to keep all your marketing collateral
  • Granular statistics about registrations, attendance, participation, etc.
  • Training resources to help you optimize your webinars over time
  • Facebook streaming options


  • Duplicating webinars leaves a few options like offers behind so they need to be recreated
  • It seems you can’t delete webinars that are no longer needed
  • Can’t change host’s name on individual webinars

Who it’s for

WebinarNinja is ideal for software companies, consultants, authors, and marketers looking to handle all their webinar needs under one roof.


Pricing is based on the number of attendees that can join a room and features. It costs $49/m, $95/m, $159/m, and $249/m for 100, 300, 500, and 1,000 attendees respectively. It has a 14-day free trial and you save 20% when you pay annually.

4.4 stars from 133 reviews on Capterra.

9.    BigMarker


BigMarker is a relatively new among the webinar platforms but it’s making solid strides. It has a robust feature set that many of the other platforms can’t match. In addition to the core software, there are add-on services for marketing and webinar creation that’ll ensure you get the most out of the platform.

Key Features

  • Multiple types of webinars such as live, on-demand, automated, and series
  • Can create channels with specific themes to engage your audience
  • Fully customizable channel branding
  • Multiple landing page templates
  • Manage pre and post-registration email flows
  • Detailed analytics into the effectiveness of your webinar
  • Create simple polls/surveys to better understand your audience
  • No presenter limit
  • Whiteboards for engagement
  • Embed live webinars directly on your website
  • Simultaneously present on Facebook and Twitter


  • Limited options with the evergreen webinar
  • The app can be slow which affects your work speed
  • There are so many options that it can be overwhelming

Who it’s for

It’s ideal for teams who want to step up their webinar marketing and video marketing game and need a platform with a wide range of features.


Pricing is based on features and the number of attendees. It ranges from $89/m, $199/m, and $399/m for 100, 500, and 1000 attendees. There’s also enterprise pricing which allows you to have up to 10,000 attendees. There’s a 7-day free trial and savings on the annual plan.

10.    GetResponse

Getresponse webinar platform

GetResponse, in terms of internet age, is ancient. It started as a simple email marketing and autoresponder tool and has since developed into an all in one business toolkit. Part of that toolkit includes webinars to help you grow your audience and generate revenue.

Key Features

  • No software downloads needed to access the webinar room
  • Livestream to Facebook and YouTube
  • Distribute documents directly from your live presentation
  • CTA for offers within the presentation
  • Robust email automation features for pre and post-webinar messaging
  • Record up to 6 hours of your live webinar
  • Handles storage for your video files
  • Mobile app to make it easier for you and attendees
  • Reporting to help you make better decisions


  • Smallest plan doesn’t come with webinars
  • So many aspects of the application that it can be confusing
  • Not a good choice if you only want webinars because it’s a complete marketing suite

Who it’s for

GetResponse is a full marketing suite so it’s ideal for entrepreneurs and consultants who want to manage their entire operation from one platform.


Pricing varies widely because it’s contingent on the number of contacts you have. For webinars, it starts at $49/m up to $1,190/m. If you have a list of less than 10,000 then you’ll pay, at most, $165/m for the webinar platform. It has a 30-day trial.

11.           Livewebinar

LiveWebinar is a webinar software solution that can do the job of many different platforms in one convenient package. Whether you’re a small business owner or head of a big company, a teacher, or anyone who needs a versatile and customizable communication solution, LiveWebinar is for you.

LiveWebinar is completely browser based and supported by all major browsers. There are no downloads or plugins required, all you need is a stable Internet connection.

Key Features

  • Over 50 webinar room features offered, including whiteboards, breakout rooms, chat boxes, polls and tests, screen sharing, and more.
  • Plenty of integrations offered with third party apps.
  • You can record your webinars to keep for later redistribution or to turn into evergreen content.
  • You have the ability to embed your webinar room on your own site.
  • Brand your meeting room with your company’s logo and colors, creating a cohesive look.
  • Upload presentations and other materials to your LiveWebinar account before the meetings and present them directly to your audience, rather than through screen sharing.
  • Create your own registration and leads forms to collect information needed to generate email or client lists.
  • As the host, you can implement your own security measures by adding a waiting room for your attendees, or turn on password or token passwords options to further secure your room.
  • No plugins or downloads needed.
  • Highly versatile: has an interchangeable interface that can be used to host webinars or meetings (or anything in between!).
  • Ease of use: the platform is highly intuitive, and has great interoperability as it works on all smart devices and major browsers.
  • Users can set up sub accounts that are connected to one master account (useful in the case of a company where a boss sets up a master account and department heads each have a connected sub account).
  • An Enterprise package is available for those who want something that 100% customizable and their own.


  • Doesn’t include minute management
  • Doesn’t include task management
  • User interface may be confusing at first

Who it’s for

Marketers, teachers, online courses’ creators, online events’ organizers


LiveWebinar has four pricing tiers: You can test the platform with a fourteen-day free trial, and get a 20% for annual plans.

PRO: you can host webinars with up to 100 attendees and get standard features for $14.99 per month.

BUSINESS: allows up to 500 attendees a webinar and more advanced features for $119.00/month

CUSTOM: up to 1000 attendees can join your webinar. Prices for this package can vary, as you are able customize the features and add-ons you’d like to have.

ENTERPRISE: this package is geared toward large business who want to have a platform that’s based on LiveWebinar but under their domain and created with their needs in mind.

4.8 stars from 93 reviews on Capterra


Livestorm webinar software

Livestorm is a one on one and one to many free webinar service. Yes, it’s the first free webinar software on this list but the free plan is quite limited. This is for good reason. Webinar services can be expensive to run and maintain but it’s enough to get started and test the webinar service.

Key Features

  • Recorded webinars
  • On-demand webinars
  • Live events
  • Can be viewed and hosted without downloading any extra apps
  • Play videos during a live session
  • Polls, chats, and audience spotlight
  • Embed the signup form on any page of your website
  • Forms support custom fields on registration
  • Track source of registrant and actions taken with a visual funnel
  • Unlimited recording storage
  • Send emails through the platform and personalize with multiple variables


  • The dialing in function can be confusing for end-users
  • A lot of manual repetition needed to set up another webinar (emails, settings, designs, etc.)
  • Product development is slow at times so be prepared to wait for a feature you’ve been requesting

Who it’s for

It’s ideal for both distributed teams who’d like to communicate regularly and marketing teams who want an intuitive webinar platform.

Taking part in event engagement a pivotal role in personal enhancement, urging individuals to step beyond their usual confines. In such instances, it’s crucial to intensify one’s attentiveness and wholeheartedly engage with enthusiasm. Such active engagement not only amplifies the experience but also cultivates significant relationships and understandings.


It starts with a free plan then has a meeting and webinar plan. The meeting plan starts at $39/host/month and the Webinar plan starts at $109/host/month and comes with 100 attendees. You can get more attendees as an add-on.

4.8 stars from 99 reviews on Capterra.

13.           Crowdcast

Crowdcast webinar tool

Crowdcast is a webinar hosting service aimed at creators. Everything about the tool reflects this overall mission. It has a cheaper starting price point and comes with features many corporate users wouldn’t need. This is by no means a bad thing, just something to keep in mind.

Key features

  • Direct integration with Patreon so you can hold a live stream for your backers
  • Stripe and PayPal integrations
  • Manage email marketing for the event
  • Q&A, chat, and polls for better audience engagement
  • Zapier integrations allow you to connect your data with hundreds of tools
  • Attendees can follow you and automatically be updated about upcoming events
  • Embeddable on any page of your website
  • Duplicate events with a click
  • Event analytics (registrations, referrers, event engagement, etc.)


  • Register unlimited people but only a specific number can join your webinar so some may be locked out
  • Lack of direct integrations so if you’re using it at scale, it’ll require an additional subscription
  • Large live streams can freeze the system and lock attendees out

Who it’s for

This software has a clear focus on serving creators from all industries and niches.


Pricing is based on features and attendees. It costs $29/m, $49/m, $89/m, and $195/m for 50, 100, 250, and 1,000 attendees respectively. It comes with a 14-day trial and 30% annual savings.

4.7 stars from 89 reviews on Capterra.

14.           Zoho Meetings

Zoho Meetings

Zoho is the everything software. Zoho meetings is the webinar software arm and it does the things you’d expect fairly well. With that being said, nothing it does will amaze you. It’s a great choice if you already use their software suite (or are planning on switching) and want to manage everything under one roof.

Key features

  • Everything handled online – no downloads
  • Mobile apps for attendees
  • Sync with your calendar
  • Track the essentials with the built-in analytics
  • Questions, polls, and attendee spotlight
  • Customize the registration forms and embed them anywhere
  • Automatically record your events


  • Video streaming can be unreliable at times
  • The dial-in numbers are restricted to just a few countries
  • The customer support is relatively slow (2+ days)

Who it’s for

Small businesses and marketers who don’t need too many advanced features but still want to experience the power of webinars first hand.


For webinars, it starts at $19/host/month for up to 25 attendees and can go up to $79/host/month for 250 attendees.

4.5 stars from 155 reviews on Capterra.

15.           WebEx

WebEx webinar service

WebEx is a multifaceted platform that positions itself as much more than a webinar hosting tool. Its focus is on teamwork, customer support, and using webinars for customer engagement. If you need more than just a webinar tool then it’s a great option.

Key features

  • AI and machine learning features for team collaboration
  • Record your webinars with a single click
  • Poll and chat with your audience
  • Brand your webinar invitations and registration page
  • Support multiple presenters at once
  • No software downloads
  • Simple screen sharing
  • Can support tens of thousands of attendees
  • Have their own devices to deliver a seamless experience


  • Can’t manage emails from the platform
  • Many user controls are hidden which means you have to click more than necessary
  • Support isn’t knowledgeable about advanced technical issues

Who it’s for

Larger teams who want to handle both customer support, training, and sales from a single platform.


Pricing is tailored to each company so it’s not publicly available. You have to talk to a sales rep.

4.4 stars from 3693 reviews on Capterra

16.           Livestream

Livestream webinars

Livestream is a Vimeo company that allows you to deliver seamless presentations to your audience and monetize faster. It hosts everything in the cloud so you can access the platform and set up a webinar at any place and at any time.

Key features

  • Live chat with attendees
  • Seamless live streaming
  • On-demand training
  • Organize video collections
  • Implement CTAs to turn viewers into customers
  • Get analytics on engagement, locations, and more
  • Live polls and Q&A sessions
  • Stream to Facebook Live or YouTube


  • Limited pricing options
  • Cannot manage email from the platform
  • It’s more geared towards internal communications instead of webinars


It costs $75/year.

4.7 stars from 13 reviews on Capterra

17.           Webinars on air

Webinars On Air is an affordable webinar platform that makes it possible to get and running quickly without the hefty price tag. It has a laser focus on making webinars as good as possible for those who aren’t technically inclined. This is achieved by with a simple interface for you and the people who register.

Key Features

  • One-click registration
  • Automated webinars
  • User-friendly design
  • Ability to integrate tracking pixels for better reporting
  • Make offers directly from your presentation
  • Polls and Q&A
  • Embed registration forms on your website


  • Cannot manage email marketing through the app
  • Limited integration ecosystem


Plans are based on the number of attendees. It starts at $19.97 for 25 attendees but you can get unlimited attendees for $99/m.

Update: They’re no longer accepting new customers due to technical upgrades.

5 stars from 1 review on Capterra

18.           Zoom

Zoom is the elephant in the room when it comes to video conferencing and is making inroads into the webinar space. It doesn’t have many of the features of the other platforms but it’s one of the only truly free webinar software solutions out there. The team behind it is constantly developing new features.

Key Features

  • PayPal integration via Zapier to charge for webinars
  • Customize key touchpoints to match your brand
  • Chat and Q&A features
  • Robust live streaming capabilities
  • Get stats on registrations, engagement, attendee show up rate, and more
  • Set up on-demand and recurring webinars
  • Up to 100 live video panelists
  • Live event assistance from the team


  • Participants have to download software to join a webinar
  • Issues with playing videos through Zoom while presenting
  • So many features that the learning curve can be high

Who it’s for

Zoom is for large and small teams who want to do video conferencing and no-frills webinars.


It has a free plan then it charges based on the number of hosts. It costs $14.99/host/month, $19.99/host/month (minimum of 10 hosts) and $19.99/host/month (minimum of 50 hosts). It also has multiple add-ons you can purchase.

4.6 stars from 3914 reviews on Capterra

19.           AnyMeeting


AnyMeeting is a product of the team from Intermedia. It’s designed to make online meetings and webinars a pleasant experience for everyone involved. It has all the features you’d expect from a top webinar platform but it is a bit more expensive than many on this list.

Key features

  • Stream live presentations with up to 12 presenters
  • Users can dial in if their internet connection is poor
  • Chat, polls, and Q&A for attendees
  • Custom forms and pages for registration
  • Reporting on attendee show up rates
  • Handle email marketing from within the platform
  • Up to 1,000 attendees
  • Screen sharing capabilities


  • Takes up more resources than needed on your computer
  • The interface is due for an update
  • Occasional timing delays


The plans have all features but are restricted based on the number of possible attendees. It costs $49/user/m, $128/user/month, and $298/user/month for 50, 200, and 1,000 attendees respectively.

4.2 stars from 17 reviews on Capterra.

What is a webinar?

A webinar is an online seminar or conference with one or multiple hosts that transforms static presentations into real-time conversations with people from anywhere in the world. It allows you to reach a larger audience in a way that’s personal and engaging while sharing documents, notes, and other collateral.

As virtual classrooms gain popularity, webinar platforms have also become integral to eLearning. In the academe, webinars are essentially online courses that top accredited online colleges and universities offer, providing a convenient and accessible way for students to learn and acquire knowledge.

In the business world, webinars are used as a lead generation device, customer retention strategy, and more commonly, a sales channel.

Webinars are used as a lead generation device, customer retention strategy, and more commonly, a sales channel.

What’s the Best Webinar Platform for you?

That’s only a question you can ask. In this guide, we’ve broken down 17 webinar platforms that have different features, serve different types of businesses and will get you different results.

It’s up to you to take that information, evaluate your current situation, and make the best decision for yourself. Our picks are WebinarJam, Demio, and Easywebinar. With those, it’s hard to go wrong but all of them have a trial available so don’t feel like you’re stuck once you decide to test one out.

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