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75 Food and Drink Trivia questions That’ll Stump You

Daniel Ndukwu

Food is important and I’d argue that drinks are just as important. Depending on where you grew up, food is a central part of the culture and the way people live their lives.

Flavors are distinct based on where you live and where you grew up. Oftentimes, we have little practical knowledge about the foods in other parts of the world. At least, the real foods. Chinese, French, Brazilian, etc. food in your country has been adjusted to appeal to the local palette.

That’s why food trivia and drink trivia are so important. It helps us understand how varied our world really is. Let’s dive in. You can find more general trivia questions here.

Food and drink trivia

Food and drink trivia Questions

  1. Which vegetable is also called a ‘Lady Finger’?
  2. Baba Ghanosh is made from which vegetable?
  3. Which fruit goes into a Bloody Mary?
  4. Vodka is made from which vegetable?
  5. Which country grows the most variety of potatoes?
  6. Alphonso, Kesar, Chausa, and Palmer are a variety of what?
  7. In which country was Saffron first cultivated?
  8. Penne, Tagliatelle, and Oro are what?
  9. Port-au-Feu belongs to which cuisine?
  10. Roti, Naan, Chapati, Kulcha, and Pratha are all what?
  11. In Middle Eastern cuisine, what is Hummus made from?
  12. Profiteroles are made from which pastry?
  13. Which fruit juice goes into a Pina Colada?
  14. Epoisse, Gouda, and Brie are what?
  15. Wonton soup belongs to which cuisine?
  16. In which American state was the first McDonald’s opened?
  17. Sauerkraut is what?
  18. Which is the most popular carbonated drink?
  19. The Waldorf salad contains which nut?
  20. What is pancetta?
  21. In which city does the famous margarita pizza originate from?
  22. What was Pop-eye’s favorite food?
  23. In which year did the first Burger King open?
  24. The most expensive spice in the world?
  25. The main ingredient in Tahini?
  26. Which fast-food chain mainly selling sandwiches was opened in 1965?
  27. Which fast-food chain does the slogan ‘finger lickin good’ belong to?
  28. Vindaloo, Bhuna, and Karahi belong to which cuisine?
  29. Bass, Mahi-Mahi, and Pike are all types of what?
  30. Which two vegetables are the main ingredients in a Moussaka?
  31. Shawarma belongs to which cuisine?
  32. Nasi is the word for rice in which language?
  33. Which meat is used in Nihari?
  34. The traditional German stew Hasenpfeffer is made from which meat?
  35. Which is the main ingredient in the dish Escargots?
  36. Dough made from plantains, cassava, or malanga is called what?
  37. Fast-food chain Nando’s originates from which country?
  38. Injera is what?
  39. Kulwha is a stir-fry dish belonging to which country?
  40. In which religion is Pork forbidden from being consumed?
  41. In the Italian dish, Carbonara, which meat is used?
  42. Which alcohol spirit goes into a Sidecar?
  43. A Martini consists of 2-part gin and 3 part what?
  44. Jack Daniel’s is a name for what?
  45. Lassi is made of which main ingredient?
  46. Pho is a broth-type soup belonging to which cuisine?
  47. In the American sitcom Friends, what is Joey’s favorite food?
  48. In the movie The Lion and the Witch and the Wardrobe, what does the Witch offer Edmund?
  49. In the movie Matilda, what does the headmistress make Bruce eat?
  50. Capri Sun is a juice drink belonging to which country?
  51. Which spice is used in the bechamel sauce?
  52. In the movie Eat Pray Love, what food does Julia Roberts have in Naples?
  53. Pizza marinara does not have what?
  54. In which country would you find Moqueca, Cachaca, and Brigadeiros?
  55. What is the national dish of Canada?
  56. What is the Aussie slang for food?
  57. Tempura is a dish belonging to which cuisine?
  58. Khorkhog is a Mongolian what?
  59. In the Indian subcontinent, which drink infused with rose flavor is popular?
  60. Misti Doi in the Bengali cuisine is what?
  61. Made from boiling the skull of a sheep, Lajhaik belongs to which cuisine?
  62. Which nut goes into a Satay?
  63. Which country consumes Kunu Zaki?
  64. Jasmin, Arborio, and basmati are all types of what?
  65. Which vegetable is considered to be good for eyesight?
  66. Which vegetable is believed to be the first wild plant?
  67. The Russian dish Ukha is what?
  68. Challah belongs to which cuisine?
  69. Most popular Mumbai street-food?
  70. What does Bugs Bunny eat?
  71. Homer Simpson’s favorite food?
  72. Brazil is the largest producer of what?
  73. Which company is the largest chocolate producing company?
  74. French fries were first introduced where?
  75. In ancient Greek, which food was considered the food of Gods?


  1. Okra
  2. Aubergine
  3. Tomato
  4. Potatoe
  5. Peru
  6. Mangoes
  7. Greece
  8. Pasta shapes
  9. French
  10. Flatbread
  11. Chickpeas
  12. Choux
  13. Pineapple Juice
  14. Cheeses
  15. Chinese
  16. California?
  17. Cabbage
  18. Coca-Cola
  19. Walnut
  20. Salami
  21. Naples
  22. Spinach
  23. 1954
  24. Saffron
  25. Sesame seeds
  26. Subway
  27. KFC
  28. Indian
  29. Fish
  30. Aubergine and Potato
  31. Middle Eastern
  32. Indonesian
  33. Mutton Shank
  34. Rabbit meat
  35. Snails
  36. Fufu
  37. South Africa
  38. Fermented flatbread
  39. Eritrea
  40. Islam
  41. Guanciale
  42. Brandy
  43. Vermouth
  44. Whiskey
  45. Yogurt
  46. Vietnamese
  47. Sandwiches
  48. Turkish Delight
  49. Chocolate Cake
  50. Germany
  51. nutmeg
  52. Pizza
  53. Cheese
  54. Brazil
  55. Poutine
  56. Tucker
  57. Japanese
  58. Barbeque meat
  59. Rooh Afza
  60. Sweet yogurt
  61. Chitrali
  62. Peanut
  63. Nigeria
  64. Rice
  65. Carrot
  66. Cabbage
  67. Soup
  68. Jewish
  69. Vada Pav
  70. Carrots
  71. Burgers
  72. Coffee
  73. Mars Wrigley
  74. Belgium
  75. Ambrosia


I hope these drink and food trivia questions have made you think and got you to search for some of the strange names. If you’re a foodie, this is exactly the kind of article you needed to show you just how much more food you need to try.

If you’re not a foodie then I hope this has opened your eyes to the myriad possibilities out there.

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