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75 Sports Trivia Questions to Test your Knowledge

Daniel Ndukwu

Since the beginning of time, we’ve developed different sports to entertain ourselves and our communities. Some of them have died out over the years while others are more popular than ever.

In this sports trivia questions collection, we’ve compiled interesting facts related to different sports. Some of them will seem obvious and others will make you wonder if you’re a true fan.

Use the insights you get to show off at parties, quiz your audience, or add to your miscellaneous knowledge. It’s your call. If sports trivia questions aren’t enough then take a look at these general trivia questions as well.

Sports trivia questions

Soccer (football) Trivia Questions:

Soccer (known as football in the rest of the world) has become one of the most popular sports. Billion-dollar clubs, hundred million dollar trades, and prestigious competitions have become the norm.

How much sports trivia do you really know?

1.       Which manager has won the Premier League Manager of the month for 4 different clubs?
2.       Which year were player shirts numbered for the first time?
3.       Eric Cantona played for which English Soccer club?
4.       Who scored the fastest goal in Premier League History?
5.       In 1930, which country won the World Cup?
6.       Which country has won the most World Cups?
7.       Elton John owned which Soccer club?
8.       Before playing for Manchester United, who did Ronaldo play for?
9.       How many Ballon d’Or (Golden Ball) awards has Messi won?
10.   In which year did Ronaldo help Portugal win the European Championship?
11.   How many Champions League titles has Real Madrid won?
12.   How many Champions League titles has Liverpool won?
13.   What year was the first European Nations Cup held?
14.   Inter Miami CF is owned by which British Footballer?
15.   Which team does Mo Saleh play for?



1.       Harry Redknapp
2.       1928
3.       Manchester United
4.       Shane Long
5.       Uruguay
6.       Brazil
7.       Watford
8.       Sporting
9.       6
10.   2016
11.   13
12.   6s
13.   1960
14.   David Beckham
15.   Liverpool


Cricket Trivia Questions:

Cricket may not be as popular in the United States but it’s the second most popular sport in the world. Soccer is more popular. Basketball is a distant 9th.

Anyways, lets test your knowledge with a few cricket trivia questions.

1.       Individually, who has scored the highest in test cricket?
2.       Who won the 1992 Cricket world cup?
3.       Which team was almost disqualified from the World T20 in 2009?
4.       What does LBW stand for?
5.       How many overs are there in a one-day match?
6.       Who invented the Doosra Ball?
7.       Who is regarded as the fastest bowler?
8.       Which player has the most runs?
9.       In World cup, Clive Lloyd was man of the match in which year?
10.   Which team is known as the Baggy Greens?
11.   Who won the first World Cup?
12.   What is Law 24?
13.   How many balls are there in one over?
14.   What does it mean if the Umpire sticks their index finger in the air?
15.   Nasser Hussain was the captain of which country?



1.       Brian Lara
2.       Pakistan
3.       West Indies
4.       Leg Before Wicket
5.       50
6.       Saqlain Mushtaq
7.       Shoaib Akhtar. His fastest delivery was recorded at 100.23 mph
8.       Sachin Tendulkar
9.       1975
10.   Australia
11.   West Indies
12.   Throwing is illegal
13.   6
14.   Out
15.   England


Basketball Trivia Questions:

Basketball is one of the most popular games in the United States and is played in every high school and college across the nation. It’s surprising that it doesn’t have many fans outside of the states but that hasn’t stopped legions of young people from aspiring to be professional ball players.

These basketball trivia questions are basic and advanced so if you get all of them right, you’ll in a league of your own. Pun intended.

1.       How high is the regulation goal?
2.       Who scored 41 points in 2016 NBA All Star Game?
3.       Who was Phoenix Sun’s head coach in 2007?
4.       Where does Manu Ginobili come from?
5.       Who is known as The Admiral?
6.       Which year was the first Basketball game played?
7.       Who invented Basketball?
8.       Which team did Kobe Bryant play for?
9.       What was the highest number of points scored by both teams in a single game?
10.   What’s the highest governing body in basketball?
11.   Total number of players on court at one time?
12.   How many points are free throws worth?
13.   Which team won the first NBA championship?
14.   How long is a NBA game supposed to be?
15.   Who has scored the most points in their NBA career?



1.       10 feet
2.       Paul George
3.       Mike D’Antoni
4.       Argentina
5.       David Robinson
6.       1892
7.       James Naismith
8.       Los Angeles Lakers
9.       370 Detroit Pistons (186) Denver Nuggets (184)
10.   FIBA
11.   10
12.   1 point
13.   The Lakers
14.   48 minutes
15.   Kareem Abdul-Jabbar


American Football Trivia Questions:

American football is a unique sport in many ways. There are dozens of players on each team, it’s full contact, and everything is worth more than a point. It’s also one of the most popular sports in the world with a rich history.

These football trivia questions are both easy and hard. I’m sure you’ll do well.

1.       What is the marked field in football called?
2.       Which team did Steve McNair make the NFL Pro Bowl for?
3.       AFL and NFL merged in which year?
4.       Hue Jackson was the head coach for one season, which team?
5.       In 2018, the Raiders were defeated by who in their opening game?
6.       What does NFL stand for?
7.       How many players are on the field at one time?
8.       How many NFL teams are there?
9.       Which team has won the most NFL championships?
10.   Tom Brady has had how many Super Bowl wins?
11.   Which team introduced the no-huddle offence?
12.   How many teams play in the Big Ten Conference?
13.   Russel Wilson plays for which team?
14.   Which team is the only NFL team to complete a perfect season?
15.   What was William Perry known as?



1.       Gridiron
2.       Tennessee Titans
3.       1970
4.       Oakland Riders
5.       Los Angeles Rams
6.       National Football League
7.       22
8.       32
9.       The Green Bay Packers
10.   7
11.   The Cincinnati Bengal’s
12.   11
13.   Seattle Seahawk
14.   Miami Dolphins
15.   The Refrigerator


Ice Hockey Trivia Questions:

Ice hockey isn’t as popular but that doesn’t mean it’s not important for those who love it. These ice hockey trivia questions will keep you on your toes and truly test your knowledge.

1.       What is the alternative to a ball in Ice hockey?
2.       Which side of the stick are you allowed to use?
3.       In the NHL Finals, what trophy is given to the winner?
4.       During their NHL career, who scored the most points?
5.       In which year was the first indoor Ice Hockey match played?
6.       Which team won the first Stanley Cup?
7.       How long is a minor penalty?
8.       Hockey referees wear which colour helmet?
9.       Which year was the first NHL goal recorded?
10.   How many teams are there in the NHL?
11.   Montreal Canadiens have won the Stanley Cup how many times?
12.   Which city hosted the 2020 NHL season?
13.   If a player commits a penalty, where do they have to sit?
14.   Maurice Richard scored how many goals in 50 games?
15.   The highest score by a single player in a single game?



1.       Hockey puck
2.       The flat side
3.       The Stanley Cup
4.       Wayne Gretzky
5.       1875
6.       Montreal Hockey Club
7.       2 minutes
8.       Black
9.       December 19th 1917 by Dave Ritchie
10.   31 teams
11.   24 times.
12.   Edmonton
13.   In the Penalty box
14.   50
15.   10 points

Sports trivia questions conclusion

Sports are an important part of our daily lives and the cultures of different nations. Some people are casually interested and others live and breathe certain sports. Whatever the case, these sports trivia questions are designed to get you to think while testing your knowledge.

Let me know what you think in the comments and don’t forget to share.


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