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Lead Generation for IT & Technology Companies [7 Strategies]

Curt VanderWall

The IT industry is constantly growing. Tech companies come up with new products and services every day. This niche is really promising. However, it’s extremely competitive as well.

People have too many options they can choose from. So, you need to stand out. You have to develop a strong lead generation strategy. It can help you attract more clients who are not only interested but are ready to buy your offerings.

So, we want to help you get more exposure for your company. Keep reading and learn about top lead generation strategies for the tech sector.

The Specifics of Lead Generation in the Tech Sector

Lead generation in the tech niche is pretty different from other industries. This market is complex and it’s growing fast. The audiences are usually well-versed in technology. So, you have to give them in-depth technical content, like

  • Product specifications;
  • Use cases;
  • Technical documentation, etc.

Also, people desire for innovative solutions. So, you need to highlight your unique selling propositions. It’s important to underline the distinctive features you can offer that your opponents can’t.

We want to mention that the sales cycle is usually long in this niche. As Eric Bower said,

“Making your prospects feel like they have an exclusive membership in a club makes lead generation a positive customer experience.”

So, you need to nurture lasting relationships with your leads. You may employ targeted remarketing campaigns and offer constant customer support.

Practical Lead Generation Strategies

So, you already know that lead generation in the tech industry has a lot of nuances. Setting yourself apart from opponents is paramount. Now we want to suggest some practical methods you can use.

Design Interactive Landing Pages

landing page optimizationSource

Static landing pages simply present information. Interactive ones can engage your visitors and encourage them to take specific actions. For example, you can incorporate elements, like

  • Quizzes;
  • Calculators;
  • Surveys;
  • Interactive forms, etc.

They will give you the possibility to gather info about the needs and challenges of your prospects. That way you can segment them and individualize the follow-up communication.

Moreover, interactive landing pages can help you hold visitors’ attention for a longer time. This, in order, can improve their perception of your company.

Plus, these pages help your prospects comprehend the value proposition of your offerings. They can assess if they fit their exact needs. It allows you to filter out unqualified leads.

Create Short Explanation Videos

Today attention spans are becoming shorter and the information overload is huge. So, short videos are one of the best methods to attract leads and keep them interested.

Modern consumers prefer visual content over text materials. Platforms like YouTube and TikTok are currently the most popular. We recommend using them to deliver your key messages.

Also, these videos are great if you want to

  • Introduce new products or functions;
  • Explain technical concepts;
  • Address common pain points.

You can combine narration and animation to simplify complex ideas. For instance, healthcare software development companies actively employ this method. It allows them to deliver more valuable info and insights.

We also want to mention that video materials are highly shareable. They have the potential to go viral and draw more attention. This, in order, allows you to extend your reach.

Host Webinars and Product Demos

free webinars conceptSource

Another highly effective method for tech companies is webinars and product demos. These sessions give you a chance to interact with your clientele directly. You can use them to showcase your offerings and educate.

Moreover, they allow you to position yourself as an industry authority. You can share useful practices and successful case studies. It can strengthen your reputation and lead to more conversions.

In the table below, we gathered some opportunities these methods can give you.

Webinars Product Demos
Showcase expertise and thought leadership Demonstrate product features and functionalities
Provide useful insights and industry knowledge Allow potential customers to see the product in action
Build brand reputation and trust Highlights the value proposition and benefits of the product
Generate leads through registration and attendance Encourages trial sign-ups and conversions

Use Chatbots

Another powerful tool for lead generation is chatbots. You can partner up with an AI consulting company to incorporate them into your practices. What this innovative solution can give you?

24/7 Support

They will provide immediate assistance to your visitors regardless of the time zone. This availability increases your chance of capturing more leads.

Lead Qualification

You can program the chatbots to ask qualifying questions to determine the level of interest. They can segment the prospects and route them to the appropriate sales representatives for further nurturing.

Lead Capture

Also, they capture lead information directly within the conversation. They can prompt visitors to provide their contact details or schedule a demo. So, the process becomes much faster as there’s no need for manual form submissions.

Automated Follow-Up

Chatbots can initiate automated follow-up sequences to nurture leads further. For example, they can send

  • Personalized messages;
  • Relevant content;
  • Promotional offers, etc.

This can help you save time and maintain consistent communication with prospects.

Offer Free Trials

free trial conceptSource

This one is a pretty common strategy for lead generation. Free trials give your prospects the opportunity to explore the features and functionalities of a product firsthand. So, you can demonstrate its value proposition with their help.

Also, some people might find technology purchases pretty risky. They might be cautious about investing in a new or unfamiliar solution. Free trials allow them to decide if the product suits their needs before buying it.

Moreover, this method gives you the possibility to draw leads who are genuinely interested. Basically, prospects self-identify as potential customers by using it.

Plus, you can engage with users during the entire trial period. You can support them and address any concerns. This positive experience can motivate them to actually purchase your offering.

Ask for Referrals

Most people look for reviews before making a purchase. So, asking for referrals is definitely another great strategy. They can help you set yourself as a trustworthy and reliable provider. These points are particularly important in the tech niche.

Plus, positive reviews can boost your online presence. They can make your company more discoverable on search engines. This can attract new leads who may not have been aware of your company.

Also, this approach encourages your clients to interact with you beyond the initial purchase. It gives you an opportunity to create a loyal customer base. They can become your brand advocates and make other purchases in the future.

Send Surveys

survey representationSource

Last but not least, we want to mention surveys. They’ve also proven to be an influential lead generation strategy. You can demonstrate your commitment to comprehending what your clientele wants and needs with their help. Plus, you can identify which areas to improve. Here are the steps you need to take:

  • Determine your main aims (gathering feedback, understanding market trends, assessing customer satisfaction, etc.);
  • Select a survey tool that aligns with your needs and budget;
  • Design concise and diverse questions (multiple-choice, open-ended, rating scale, etc.)
  • Personalize the survey for each segment;
  • Offer incentives to encourage participation;
  • Share it on different channels (website, social media, newsletters, etc.);
  • Send reminders and express gratitude to all the participants;
  • Analyze the responses to identify trends and patterns.

Healthcare IT Lead Generation

We already talked about some useful strategies for tech lead generation. Now, we want to focus on one niche in particular – Healthcare IT. It’s relatively new and demands a specific strategy.

For example, custom healthcare software development companies are becoming quite popular. They cooperate with medical organizations to develop

  • Electronic health record systems;
  • Patient management platforms;
  • Medical billing software, and much more.

Also, they might offer telemedicine software development solutions. They’ve become highly popular after the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s really important to communicate the value of these solutions if you work in this niche.

What can you do to access the potential leads from clinics and medical organizations? First of all, you need to create informative blog posts and whitepapers. These materials should highlight how your software can improve

  • Patient care;
  • Operational efficiency;
  • Revenue optimization, etc.

Also, we recommend to participate in industry events and conferences. You can demonstrate your offerings and show your expertise there. That way more institutions might become interested in your developments.

Remember that healthcare data has a sensitive nature. So, you need to demonstrate your dedication to safety. Highlight data encryption protocols and regular compliance audits to make your prospects more confident.

You can always implement email campaigns. Try to regularly send exclusive offers and updates to keep your leads interested. Plus, try to optimize your site with relevant keywords. Also, include testimonials and successful case studies.


A proper lead generation strategy is a must for any business today. However, the approach to it differs based on the industry you operate in. For instance, IT and tech companies have their own specifics. This niche is extremely competitive and you need to stand out.

You can use interactive elements to attract more prospects. Also, webinars and demos are pretty effective in this niche. Plus, you can incorporate innovative solutions into your lead generation efforts, like chatbots. There are so many possibilities!

We hope that our guide was helpful. Try to implement the methods we mentioned above and you’ll see some great results!

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